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My Ideal Weight Reached!

I cannot remember exactly how many times I’ve mentioned working my heart out to achieve the ideal weight for my height and body type. This is because I have been underweight all my life and I have been skinny ever since. I would like to happily share that I have already achieved this and maintained it for the past year already!

With the help of a vitamin supplement, Ling Zhi, I was able to attain my ideal weight in just a span of 2 months. Actually, I started gaining weight by the 2nd week of taking Ling Zhi. I could say that my food intake increased significantly well and I noticed that of me. I stopped Ling Zhi by the time I reached 95lbs., and this was some time December 2016. From then on I just maintained my appetite, well that’s the only thing that I was able to maintain ‘coz my sleeping pattern was bad since there were weeks when I would lack sleep due to work and other errands for the house.

I’m just so happy now that from 80lbs since I was in highschool, I am now at 100lbs. I know many are working their ass of to lose some weight while I’m on the other side of the fence. I guess we all have our own battles and goals to face and live with. Mine was something I thought was hopeless already, but I guess this time, after so many attempts and loads of different multivitamins, the odds were on my side. Good thing I didn’t give up. Below are some of my photos from then being skinny to now at my ideal weight:

Me as of this posting…

What they say is true. As long as you focus and work hard for your goals, you will reach it in due time. Good luck on all your goals, readers. God bless.


Hello World!

Hi welcome to my pages!

It has been a long over due plan to actually do my very own “weight gain” scheme and document it.  While everybody else is dying to lose some pounds, I am on the opposite end of the road.  I think I’ve been planning about this since last quarter of 2011.  It is only today that I will actually do it and make a realization out of this plan/dream.  Yes, it has been a dream of mine to reach a certain weight for I have been underweight all my life.  Last 2010, I got the chance of a lifetime to actually weigh an ideal 100lbs!  Ideal for my built and height.  I was ecstatic!  That happened only because I got pregnant 🙂  Unfortunately after giving birth, all the pounds flushed away and I got back to my old under weight status.  I got sad, really sad and frustrated then after.

And so after so much contemplation, this is finally going to happen.  I am, more than ever, determined to reach this goal.  Let’s set it this time.  100lbs by the end of April.  How is it gonna be done?  Everyday, I will do my best to log my daily progress.  As much as possible, though I am not anymore a photo-person, I’ll try to post photos of my progress.

So, this is it!  You are welcome to join me in this journey.

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