weight gain

Hello World!

Hi welcome to my pages!

It has been a long over due plan to actually do my very own “weight gain” scheme and document it.  While everybody else is dying to lose some pounds, I am on the opposite end of the road.  I think I’ve been planning about this since last quarter of 2011.  It is only today that I will actually do it and make a realization out of this plan/dream.  Yes, it has been a dream of mine to reach a certain weight for I have been underweight all my life.  Last 2010, I got the chance of a lifetime to actually weigh an ideal 100lbs!  Ideal for my built and height.  I was ecstatic!  That happened only because I got pregnant 🙂  Unfortunately after giving birth, all the pounds flushed away and I got back to my old under weight status.  I got sad, really sad and frustrated then after.

And so after so much contemplation, this is finally going to happen.  I am, more than ever, determined to reach this goal.  Let’s set it this time.  100lbs by the end of April.  How is it gonna be done?  Everyday, I will do my best to log my daily progress.  As much as possible, though I am not anymore a photo-person, I’ll try to post photos of my progress.

So, this is it!  You are welcome to join me in this journey.

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