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My Goals for 2018

Today I wrote down my list of goals for this year.  I started doing this since 2012 when I was so down, depressed and lost.  I did it after reading this book about happiness by Andrew Matthews.  I can’t remember which one already, sorry guys, but he’s got some insights that helped me get on with my life smiling.


Last year’s list

It’s like a new year’s resolution list, but it’s different in such a way that I can add up new goals anytime within the time frame, like if something happens or things and stuff changes like something may not be attainable anymore.  It also does not need to start on the beginning of the year, like in my case now.  If you want to make yours, you can start it anytime you want as long as it starts the moment you write down and finish your list.  You can start any month you want, just set the time frame to short term and long term.

So, what is it?  It is simply a list of goals and wants, which I try to accomplish, attain or acquire in a year’s time, then 3 years, then 5 years.  Then every now and then I check and tick-off my progress.  Then after a year I check and evaluate myself like how many and which ones of my goals were achieved.  Then I ask myself how do I feel about it.  If a goal is something that I really want, but failed to achieve due to whatever reason or excuse, I write it down and include it again onto the following year’s list until I am able to achieve, cross and tick it off the list.  As for me, I noticed that my list gets shorter and shorter throughout the years.  So then I add goals which I think challenges me on top of just getting tangible things.  There is also a list for what I hope my entire family would achieve and do within a year, or 3 years or 5 years.

The goals could be material stuff like update my wardrobe or upgrade gadgets; or certain tasks like food trip once a week/month; or traits and characteristics I intend to change or improve on like be more focused or assertive, etc…  It is always better to go over 30 items or goals for each time frame.  The goals could be minor or major, simple or grand.  You’ll never know if a simple task or thing could bring you so much delight and joy.   It is sort of like making my personal KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, which will then help me evaluate my happiness.  This, I agree with the book, is our ultimate motivation in life anyway.

So good luck to me and if you started writing yours, good luck to you too and have fun!

Smile always!



Reviving Blogging

So it has been so long since I last posted something here.  Is a few weeks so long already?  Well in the blog world I think it is, hehehe.

Anyway, I missed blogging.  Not that I’ve been a heavy blogger, but the therapeutic effect it has on me is what I missed and longed for.  Somehow blogging makes me feel like I’m a writer or columnist.  It kinda calms me and sort of organizes my mind.  It helps me plan and think creatively.  I hope I’m not sounding weird here, but that’s how blogging works for me.


This is me now after giving birth and sleepless nights 🙂

Time is also an issue here.  A lot of things had happened over the last couple of months and I have failed to document each one of them.  They are stories that could make you laugh, think and even intrigue you.  Time could just swiftly pass you by without you realizing that the momentum of telling your story is already gone.  I have lots of thoughts and opinions about different issues and topics that I’d wanna share the blog world, but then I’ve terribly missed to do it spot on.  But now with all the resources that I have, I think I have no more excuses.  It is indeed time to revive my blog writing.  There is such a thing called “time management”, so I should start learning that being now I have so much on my plate: day job, make-up sideline, kids, etc…

I have lots of stories and I think I have a ton of photos stuck in my phone and digicam, which I have already forgotten what to write about them. I shall try my best to remember 🙂  So we are gonna do this one photo at a time.

One more thing.  I have a lot of blog sites.  Is four considered a lot?  I don’t know if that is wise though, but I’ve tried to decide on which one to keep and which one to delete.  Guess what?  I still haven’t made up my mind, hehehe.  Also, I have been planning on having a schedule for my blogging, since I have several sites to keep.  However, laziness most of the time corrupts me.  So forgive me for being like that.  I will try my best to beat that evil.

I’ve got so many plans for my blog sites that I’m very much excited to do!  So many stories to tell, so many photos to share!  I won’t pressure my self anymore.  What’s important is that I share them to you.  So I hope you keep on checking out my page!  Read on!