soft blazer

Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded Go-see Outfit



Here is what I wore and looked like when I went to the first go-see event to last June 29,2013.  It was the MEGA Magazine Fashion Crew Reloaded go-see for aspiring models, stylists, HMUA’s and photographers.  Details of this look on my Lookbook account:  HYPE IT and FOLLOW ME PLEASE! 🙂

That was the first ever go-see I attended and the first contest I ever joined.  The experience was indescribable!  I was tensed, excite, anxious, nervous all at the same time.  Though I didn’t expect to go pass through the 2nd screening, I was thankful all the same for knowing that other people find my work amazing.  Well, I was kinda expecting to get cut after the 2nd screening after realizing that I had an erroneous answer during the panel interview.  That I realized the day after the go-see.  Oh well, it’s not for me this time.  Good thing is that I had a taste of how competitions like that go.

The evaluation on me was that I am a raw talent with so much potential in terms of hairstyling and make-up.  So from now on, it’ll be gearing up for stuff like that.

Smile always!