People I adore…

Oprah Winfrey… I like the way she’s conquered the world through empowering women with knowledge and freedom to express themselves.

Mariah Carey… I just hope I have her voice and can sing the way she does.

Michael Jackson… Plastic surgery aside, he is after all The King of Pop and there is a reason and one hell of talent to back that up.

Michael Jordan… for me, he defines what a true basketball player is– in and out of the court.

Tyra Banks… I love the way she expresses herself and inspire everyone by showing the world that she is just a person like everyone else.

Tinkerbell… I just like her a lot (she’s not a real person, though). Talking about sexyness with an attitude.

Drew Barrymore… She’s Drew Barrymore. Need I say more?

Shakira… Oh I wanna be able to do that belly shakin thing!

Will Smith… The body… the HUMOR… the wit… the dance moves…

My list goes on….