My FS Cosmetics Collection, Finally!

So finally I got a chance to have a semi-complete collection of FS Cosmetics (Features and Shades) make-up.  Naturally, what a make-up enthusiast like me is going to do is try everything out, so here is my first ever make-up haul ( I hope for more to come soon, hehe) and a make-up practice because, well I’m getting rusty in the craft, you know! 🙂  But, #LoveYourBeauty ika nga ni FS Cosmetics, right girls?! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

FS Cosmetics Make-up Haul:


And here is the practice…


And here is my finished product!  Excuse my eye-maletas 🙂


While doing and editing these videos, I’ve discovered about fast-forwarding some clips, which has now inspired me to do more videos because now I can shorted them for faster uploads!  hehehe!  Cheers to more videos soon!


Smile always!

Miss R



My Lancome Kit <3

One of the recent make-up products I received in the past six months is a “pasalubong” from my dearest Ninang (Godmother).  It’s a travel vanity kit from Lancome containing some basic essentials for a startup make-up kit.



Lancome Facial Creams

Renergie Lift Multi-Action Suncreen Cream – it’s a lifting and firming facial cream with SPF15, and it’s for all skin types.  It has a light scent and feels good on the skin once applied as if you’ve put on a moisturizer, although it doesn’t really spread easily on the skin like some gel formula since it’s a sunscreen.  It’s meant to be reapplied every after 2 hours or if getting exposed under the sun for a longer period of time, but it is not advisable to use when swimming.  Must use a different kind of sunscreen for that 🙂

Renergie Lift Multi Action Eye Cream – a lifting and firming eye cream meant to be applied over the eyebrow  bone and under the eyes in the morning and in the evening.  I only got to put it once a day for the reason that I kept on forgetting this instruction, hehehe.  Pasaway me!

Double Action Eye Make-up Remover – easily removes waterproof eye makeups and it is Ophthalmologist-tested.  Gentle enough for sensitive eyes.

Lancome Make-up Remover

CILS Booster XL Mascara Base and DEFINICILS High Definition Mascara
the mascara base is supposed to enhance and prep your eyelashes while the high definition mascara is supposed to, well you know, give you ooommphh! eyelashes.

Lancome Mascara

Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss – in lychee flavor, an ultra glossy and hydrating lip gloss.

Lancome Juicytube

Color Design Eyeshadow Palette – in Parisian Style.  This gives a smooth hold of color on your eyes.  Perfect for an ombre look.

Lancome Eyeshadow


L’a Absolu Rogue Cream Lipstick – in Blush Classique (337) shade, this is a cream lipstick that will give you that lush and sheer color of pink on your lips.  It has a press/push-out mechanism where you have to push or press that golden rose (flower) on top to push out the lipstick.  That holds or locks together the lipstick and cover perfectly.  Neat, right?!

Lancome Lipstick

Of this kit, the only thing that I didn’t like is the mascara pair.  Upon application of the mascara primer on curled eyelashes, it immediately straightened it back and weighted the lashes down.  When the mascara is applied, it took quite some time for both primer and mascara to get dry, so chances are you’ll get some mess on your under eye as the lashes have lost its curl.  Also used this pair for atleast 3 times and on all occasions didn’t get volume and shape.  I gave them to my sister by the way 🙂

My fave is of course the lipstick!  Creamy and full of moisture.  It also gives that youthful supple glow on your lips.  This is great to have if you are a pinkish lip kinda girl.  Try it out, too!


The light brown shade of the eyeshadow palette has been my go-to shade for my daytime look whenever I go out for a daytime event or occasion.  Handy in size, can fit even a small kikay kit, and you can use your fingers to apply them without creating mess on your eyes.  Never cakey and color gives that enough depth effect for my almost chinky eyes 🙂

I am generally happy with this kit as they are handy and perfect for a simple daytime look that I always go for.

Smile always!

Miss R