lip toner

Lip Balm Search Part 2

New product on hand

Still searching for a replacement to my favorite lip balm, I bought another variant from the same brand I used to buy.  This time I got this Berry Lip Balm also from Blistex.  First time I tried it on it felt kinda weird.  There was a minty feel after a few seconds of putting it on.  It felt weird for me maybe because I’m not just used to this new product.  I also felt its moisturizing effect instantly, however it doesn’t last long and it felt thick on the lips.  After a few hours my lips felt dry again.  Unlike the lip toner I used to wear.  That one was more long lasting.

So right now I’m using two lip balm products.  I hope that is wise though 🙂

My dry lips

Approx. 30 secs after applying Blistex Berry Lip Balm