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Glamour Box Galore

Last April, I got very excited over a tweet from Glamour Box PH.  It’s the launching of their April box of beauties!  Yes, I’m gonna call it “beauties” since each box contains goodies for making one beautiful.  So I purchased right away.  Got it set to be delivered to where I work.  Then I waited patiently for I understand how it goes with suppliers and couriers, etc…  I waited and waited… Then came the decision to work from home because of some unfortunate events that happened at home.

I almost forgot about that box when one day I got a message from our office manager saying that a package arrived for me!  I couldn’t contain myself back then that I requested her to open my package and take a photo and Viber it to me.  Yeah, I was so excited that I was willing for someone else to open it for me.  I wasn’t able to come to the office that soon due to my mommy duties at home and so my package had to wait…  It waited for more than a month!

Then last June 4, I was able to drop by the office and finally got hold of my much awaited Glamour Box package!  I grabbed it and right away opened it!  Sharing with you what’s inside my April Glamour Box package.


Delivered by Xend




Lip Balm Search Part 2

New product on hand

Still searching for a replacement to my favorite lip balm, I bought another variant from the same brand I used to buy.  This time I got this Berry Lip Balm also from Blistex.  First time I tried it on it felt kinda weird.  There was a minty feel after a few seconds of putting it on.  It felt weird for me maybe because I’m not just used to this new product.  I also felt its moisturizing effect instantly, however it doesn’t last long and it felt thick on the lips.  After a few hours my lips felt dry again.  Unlike the lip toner I used to wear.  That one was more long lasting.

So right now I’m using two lip balm products.  I hope that is wise though 🙂

My dry lips

Approx. 30 secs after applying Blistex Berry Lip Balm