I came across a statement of one celebrity radio dj and it goes like this, “why be in a relationship when you are incapable of being faithful? You are ruining the chance of the peron you are hurting being loved by someone else.”  Well, to that effect. I forgot the exact words.  I have to admit I have the same question I want to ask someone. What is that? Is that plain selfishness and greed?  Getting into a relationship witb someone and not being content with it and instead of working things out, you get solutions from another person by having a relationship with them as well.  What really is that?

Experiencing something like that myself, I discovered that I have a great deal of difficulty bouncing back and moving forward.  Knowing the emotional person that I am, this thing has become a huge boulder I carry on my shoulders.  A lot of people has coached me to fight out the negativity that the situation has brought me, but the thing is, I really cannot win over my hurt self. That is just it.  The hurt, the pain, is something I simply cannot just wash away with running water. It’s not.  This is something one doesn’t get trained for to deal with.  It would just happen.  And sometimes, it would just hit you right in our face.

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