A Fashion Read

Since I’ve been thinking about starting to blog about fashion, I thought it just right to educate my self well about the fashion world, not that I know nothing about it, but it is best to go deep in to its diverse industry.  I was also daunted by the mere thought of blogging about it since there are a lot of fashion bloggers out there.  It’s hard to be eaten alive, hehehe.  What will make mine different from the rest is that I won’t even try to stand out and be like a Kate Moss of the blog world.  It will just be a comfortable blog about my fascination on fashion.

So here is my latest read, “The Meaning of Sunglasses.  And a Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable” by Hadley Freeman.  I only get to read it in my spare time – if I am able to find spare time.  This book is originally Php 629.00, then it went on sale for Php 150.00, but I got this copy of mine for only Php 50.00.  Thanks to National Bookstore book sale, I am able to spare some peso for a good book.  Such a cheap treat!

Fashion for only Php50.00 🙂

I have only ready through a few chapters and so far, but I already find the book amusing and enlightening.  One eye opener is that most women now invest their beloved moolah to buy fashionable and branded accessories like bags and shoes more than they do designer clothes simply because those items doesn’t scream “you’re FAT!”  Come to think of it, that is kinda true.  I for one is a petite person and it’s hard for me to fit into really nice clothes, so to my frustration, I would end up buying a pair of shoes or a fancy bag instead 🙂  That is just one bit of info I got so far.  Next time I’m gonna share with you some of the learning I will get from here.  I’m not a book critic so don’t expect a review later on 🙂
I am having a great feeling that I will have a wonderful time blogging about fashion.  For now, I gotta go finish the book first and then review my closet; I think it needs some updating 🙂  So more soon!