No-Make-up Look


Another No-Make-up Look



Make-up Practise

After finishing my make-up gig, I thought of doing some make-up of my own. It is different when you put make-up to a client and when you do it to your own face. That is why you will come across make-up schools offering separate trainings for professional and personal make-up.

So unlike how I do it to a client, I started with my eyes. Using MAC 6Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows I did two different eye looks. I just played around the colors and came up with…



I’m not gonna emphasize on the names of the shades.  I hope you can see that one side is a combination of gold and dark brown. The other side is of rose and dark blue that turned to blue violet. Next, I put on some liquid foundation by Revlon. What I have is one of those photoready kinds. Then I just glided on some red lipcolor.

So which side do you think is better?

20130321-184431.jpg  20130321-184602.jpg 20130321-184632.jpg