Canon IXUS 80 IS

Dear Digital Camera

 I hope my beloved digital camera Canon IXUS 80 IS didn’t get lost.  Sadness shall envelope me once this unfortunate event is confirmed.  The husband took it to show his twin brother his HongKong trip photos.  But for some reason he said he wasn’t able to show them to him and has now completely forgotten where the camera is.  The only thing he can remember now is that he was the last one who took it from our room.

I bought my camera sometime 2008 when I was in Baguio for one of our company’s events. I knew that being there would be a memorable one so since I didn’t have a camera of my own, I sort of forced myself to swipe my credit card for this wonderful purchase.  It was a great buy for since then this camera has been taking pictures of my travels and adventures, as well as memorable events and happenings in my life.  This camera of mine has taken pictures of important people and things that amaze and inspire me.  It has somehow become my “IT” gadget more than my cellphone and laptop.  One of my decisions to get back into blog writing is this camera also.  Where else to store and document priceless memories than blogsites, right?

But unfortunate happens to even the most giving people.  So, I hope the husband can still remember and find it soon.