Shades Testing: Vice Ganda Lipsticks

So eto na nga ang video blog or vlog ko ng Vice Ganda’s Lipstick collection!  Pero konting shades lang ang na-feature ko dito, enjoy pa rin ako sa resulta.  You saw how excited I was to post pics of me trying those shades sa Instagram post ko.  So here naman is the video, which I hope you will find helpful.  And mga mamah, if you are a lipstick addict like me, I hope I get to convince you to get/buy a stick or two, or more, coz ipagpapalit mo si Kylie sa kanya!  Well, unless biased ka na kay mamah Kardashian, keri lang 🙂


Due to sobrang ka-toxic-kan ng schedules and bulsa ko this past season, struggle to do in-dept research about this collection…  There’s an Unkabogable collection sets pala over their website, however, I didn’t purchase that coz I need to be sure first if worth it, so try muna akesh ng few shades.  I did see and watch several reviews from other vloggers as well about this collection, but syempre, iba-iba ang result nyan, DEPENDE SA LIPS and personality mo.  Since it wasn’t me who actually bought this coz si Husband ang bumili sa store, I had to opt for the safest shades 🙂

So here are my swatches (on mi-lips syempre, hehehe):


thumb_IMG_3537_1024 2

VICE Co. Phenomenal Matte Liquid Lipsticks


thumb_IMG_3535_1024 2

VICE Co. Good Vibes Matte Lipsticks

So I put to test Hanash and had my lunch after doing this vlog, and here are the results after kong kumain ng friend liempo and rice:


As you can see, yung inner part ng lips ko yung nawalan ng lipstick after eating my lunch.  Keri pa rin ng slight coz parang ombre effect lang sya hehehe.  So for this product na pwedeng pwedeng i-substitute sa mga high-end brands, I give it 9 out of 10, with 10 being perfect.  The smell was tolerable for me, but may mga good smelling lipsticks kse out there, so there you go.

Happy lang ako na maganda ang kinalabasan ng shades nya sa kayumanggi kong kutis 🙂


Smile always!

Miss R


My November

This past month has not been so good to me.  I missed a couple of exciting events and make-up gigs to mention a few.  I also missed writing some updates for this blog and filming videos for my newly put up channel on Youtube.  So, in short, madaming missed opportunities, chances and work.

They say that things happen for a reason.  Naniniwala naman ako dyan pero minsan hindi ko lang pinapasin.  I thought my November would be a better month for me because I was looking forward to going to the Blogapalooza event in City of Dreams, which I have excitedly signed up for.  I couldn’t wait for that day to come, but a few days on the first week of the month, I had to let go of a househelp or “kasambahay”.  It would have been just an easy letting go of an employee, but this girl had to make a scene, fake an illness, and caused me to spend a lot of money just so she could leave us and maybe transfer to another employer.  It was just so irritating and annoying how she wanted to end her contract.  She could just have talked to me, that’s all.  Anyway, enough of her.  The Blogapalooza event was a big thing for me because I thought it could be instrumental in my wanting to be actively blogging again.  And of course, I would get to meet new people.  Oh, well, things happen for a reason…

After that I really just don’t know why and how things happened.  It was crazy.  I didn’t mind doing the chores at home, even when the kids were around, but for some reason we caught this viral illness that following week and we were all coughing!  I believe our kids caught this from school.  Me and some parents requested for their classrooms to be disinfected since a number of students were also been missing school because of cough, cold, and fever.

The good thing about this month though was that our family got the chance to go to Baguio and spend a long holiday time with the in-laws.  Oh boy, we brought the entire barangay with us, hehehe!  Three families up to the cold north!  It was the needed breakand vacation for us parents  and our children.  it was bonding time for our kids as well.  I was so happy for our kids since this time, they get to go and experience the mountains.  Too bad though that I wasn’t able to film our vacation and vlog it.  I wasn’t able to do OOTDs!!!  Why?  Well, since we didn’t have a yaya with us, my husband and I were so consumed looking after the kids, and just enjoying our different activities with them.  So everyday was just like endless running after the kids, snapping random photos as much as we can.  That could be really fun, but also tiring and exhausting at the same time.  Not to mention that our days were filled with so many requests and complaints from the kids at the same time.  You know how kids’ energy can be overwhelming and I don’t know how to exactly put them in words, but it was close to crazy fun.  As for me, I struggled enjoying our time there because I wasn’t feeling well due to my cough, and was always praying not to have an asthma attack any moment.  Anyway, here are some decent photos taken 🙂

After that trip, it was close to hell for me.  I was like ill all the time.  It was like this viral infection decide to take a vacation inside me as well.  I had tons of chores to do, from clothes to wash, to entire house to clean and organise.  It was truly difficult for me because I wasn’t feeling well.  I couldn’t move as much as I can.  I felt so uncomfortable.  My chest was filled with phlegm; I couldn’t breathe very well fearing an asthma attack could happen anytime.  Also, I can’t remember very well when exactly I lost my eyeglasses, but I struggled and had this extremely painful headache for 5 days before I could get myself a new pair of lighter eyeglasses.  I could hardly function for a couple of weeks!

I really hated my self this month.  I was a complete disaster.  I lost weight, which I ‘m not happy about.  My temper was terrible, I was so angry and irritated all the time!  My kids were always the victim of my bad temper, and I’m so sorry about that.  I didn’t want that to happen, but it did.  I don’t know why that was happening to me.  I was way out of control.  I was a bomb threatening to explode any moment.  It was a case of crash and burn for me.  I was wanting to get all things together, but failing miserably, and then hating myself for doing so.  I was really mad at my self!  But everything happens for a reason…why this is happening to me, I have yet to find out and understand.  However, life goes on and so I am facing December with a smile…



The Stay-At-Home Me

Hello there! Well I’m back here again! Gosh I missed blogging. I remember saying a few months ago that I’m gonna be more active here, but unfortunately some things just screw up your plans.  What am I saying here?  Well there’s the case of mismanagement of time, simple laziness, and people who would rob you of good motivation, hehehe.

Anyway, I’d like to move my self to take charge and make things change.  I wanna do this before 2014 starts and everybody would be so into drafting their New Year’s Resolution list.  So mine’s gonna be a tiny bit different.

So, yeah here we go!


The Me as of Nov 2013

I’ve been making resolutions lists or goals lists like forever, and unfortunately have not actively worked on each item I had on every list.  There was actually one list I’ve made wherein I was able to achieve around 9 items of the 35 items I had there.  Really bad huh?  Oh well,  I’ve got a lot of things on pending, and right now I think I finally have the chance to really work on them – I hope!  I’m just praying that the nanny I got this time would stay with us until such time that my kids can be independent enough.

Honestly, I’ve been struggling with the idea that I have to be a stay-at-home mom for most part of the year now.  I actually didn’t consider the possibility of that when I was pregnant with my second child.  The reason is that I didn’t want to underestimate myself for having kids and still be able to keep up with my  job.  Career-wise you can say that I am a late bloomer, hey actually I’m a late bloomer to just about everything, hehehe!  So I was trying my best to be a “career mom”.

Like many other mothers out there who’ve been through the same situation that I am in now, things weren’t going the way I wanted and planned them to, so I submitted to the idea.  I did several things to convince myself that staying at home could work for me.  I did things like baking, cooking, reading novels, though in digital form, and even video blogging.  Those were some of the efforts which I thought was fun doing especially that I’m not worried with some deadlines or meetings.  Of course it is given that I get to spend enormous amount of time with my children.  That my friend is priceless indeed.  I’d agree with anyone who’d say that that is the ultimate perk of staying at home.  But my friend, there are also challenges.

As an observation, when you are in the office, you are able to manage your time according to the tasks that you’ve planned for yourself based on the urgency of tasks or on your prioritization.  At home, that is a challenge for me.  Some experts would say that you can apply time management at home and with your kids.  It’s actually good that you can introduce your kids to time management at their very young age, but I have observed that kids, even though you train or discipline them while still young, have their own moods and coping mechanisms.  They have their own style in taking their time to adapt to change and development, and a parent like me has to be sensitive and attentive to that.  And I am admitting that I almost always fail in doing so.  Knowing that now I’d say that staying at home is kinda like a new job opportunity for me to take on.

Reviving Blogging

So it has been so long since I last posted something here.  Is a few weeks so long already?  Well in the blog world I think it is, hehehe.

Anyway, I missed blogging.  Not that I’ve been a heavy blogger, but the therapeutic effect it has on me is what I missed and longed for.  Somehow blogging makes me feel like I’m a writer or columnist.  It kinda calms me and sort of organizes my mind.  It helps me plan and think creatively.  I hope I’m not sounding weird here, but that’s how blogging works for me.


This is me now after giving birth and sleepless nights 🙂

Time is also an issue here.  A lot of things had happened over the last couple of months and I have failed to document each one of them.  They are stories that could make you laugh, think and even intrigue you.  Time could just swiftly pass you by without you realizing that the momentum of telling your story is already gone.  I have lots of thoughts and opinions about different issues and topics that I’d wanna share the blog world, but then I’ve terribly missed to do it spot on.  But now with all the resources that I have, I think I have no more excuses.  It is indeed time to revive my blog writing.  There is such a thing called “time management”, so I should start learning that being now I have so much on my plate: day job, make-up sideline, kids, etc…

I have lots of stories and I think I have a ton of photos stuck in my phone and digicam, which I have already forgotten what to write about them. I shall try my best to remember 🙂  So we are gonna do this one photo at a time.

One more thing.  I have a lot of blog sites.  Is four considered a lot?  I don’t know if that is wise though, but I’ve tried to decide on which one to keep and which one to delete.  Guess what?  I still haven’t made up my mind, hehehe.  Also, I have been planning on having a schedule for my blogging, since I have several sites to keep.  However, laziness most of the time corrupts me.  So forgive me for being like that.  I will try my best to beat that evil.

I’ve got so many plans for my blog sites that I’m very much excited to do!  So many stories to tell, so many photos to share!  I won’t pressure my self anymore.  What’s important is that I share them to you.  So I hope you keep on checking out my page!  Read on!