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Nails, Nails, Artsy Nails

During my niece’s first birthday party last Sept.3, my mother and I tried

Meijiaer Fake Nails

something we’ve never done before – wear fake nails.  I know her to be someone who would always grow her nails long and put on some fancy nail polish.  This time she bought 2 sets of Meijiaer fake nails from Divisoria.  One set already has adhesive under them, while the other set needs a separate nail glue to use.  So I convinced my mother to wear them to the birthday party.  One set for me, the other for her.  She chose the one with adhesives attached already.  Good choice, Nay.

Anyway, the night before the party my sister-in-law told us to put the fake nails on already since we might not have enough time the next day as we will all be busy and rushing for the party.  Our bad, we didn’t listen ‘coz on the morning of the party, my mother and I decided to put them on few minutes before leaving the house.  Though the instructions were easy and gluing them on each nail is quite quick, some nails easily snapped off with light pressure.  Since it was like that, well at least for the set of nails I chose, I had to re-apply nail glue on some nails (thumb and pointer).  It looked fabulous on our nails and my aunts were all asking how we got our nails done.

The set I got was a bit tricky as I had t0 apply more glue on some nails and after a few hours and the glue has really set, the fake nails felt like real nails already!  They were really stuck on my real nails and really hard!  By night-time I was wanted to take them off already coz I’m not really used to having long nails.  I couldn’t do some household chores with ease.  It was so difficult to take them off as the glue has really set.  It was also painful.  Luckily on some fingers, the fake nails were a bit easy to remove since I only applied a small drop of nail glue, but for those fingernails which snapped and had to reapply glue, maaaan!!!  They stuck like super glue!  I had to dip my nails in hot water and wait for few minutes before applying pressure to snap them off.  Gosh it was painful.  I was so relieved when after few minutes of dipping my fingers in hot water, I was able to get them all off, but not without pain.  So, no  pain no gain hehehe.

Overall it was nice to use them.  Gives you that professionally done nail art on your fingernails.
What’s also great is that you can re-use them to your next important occasion or event.  Forgot how much a set costs but I am sure it wont be more than 500 pesos.  It could be way cheaper like less than 100 pesos.  I will surely use fake nails next time.  I’ll buy a different set next time, but for now I’m happy  with my trimmed unpolished nails 🙂