First Blogger Event: Kikaysikat’s Anniversary Party

I would have to thank my dear classmate, Reylen Castro, who is new blogger (MadeItThroughMum), for tagging me along to the anniversary party of KikaySiKat‘s blogsite.  I am going to tell you that I enjoyed every bit of it.  Came a bit late though at Tokyo Bubble Tea in Eastwood City, Libis, where it was held last July 18.  The party was simple yet meaningful, especially to Kaycee who celebrated the 5th year of her blog site.  Some kind of passion, huh?  I can’t barely keep up writing regularly here, hehehe.

We started the afternoon with delicious food and drink from Tokyo Bubble Tea while answering a slumbook type of registration form.  Creative, right?!  And then a game was held, where we exchanged forms with other guests and ought to get a good grasp of the info written about the person we exchanged forms with.  It was a fun get-to-know-each-other game as I met other bloggers, youngsters if I may say, who share the same passion in blogging as Ms. Kaycee.  Then she, Ms. Kaycee, recognized and expressed deep gratitude to her first ever and loyal follower who came all the way from Cabanatuan City.  Sorry I didn’t get his name.  Inspiration knows no distance.

The afternoon was all about thanking and being grateful for the people who appreciate ones work, be it written, spoken, made or performed.  I know so little about Ms. Kaycee, but during that party I saw and felt in her genuine love for work and having fun in what you do could go miles away reaching people from all walks of life and inspiring them to do well in life as well.

It was a short party but it was truly worthwhile for me.  Here are some snapshots of the party:

Me and my dear friend Len (www.madeitthroughmum.blogspot.com)

Me and my dear friend Len (www.madeitthroughmum.blogspot.com)

Fab products for answering correctly during the game.

Fab products for answering correctly during the game.


Ms. Kaycee (off-shoulder top) and one of the guests.


Dear Digital Camera

 I hope my beloved digital camera Canon IXUS 80 IS didn’t get lost.  Sadness shall envelope me once this unfortunate event is confirmed.  The husband took it to show his twin brother his HongKong trip photos.  But for some reason he said he wasn’t able to show them to him and has now completely forgotten where the camera is.  The only thing he can remember now is that he was the last one who took it from our room.

I bought my camera sometime 2008 when I was in Baguio for one of our company’s events. I knew that being there would be a memorable one so since I didn’t have a camera of my own, I sort of forced myself to swipe my credit card for this wonderful purchase.  It was a great buy for since then this camera has been taking pictures of my travels and adventures, as well as memorable events and happenings in my life.  This camera of mine has taken pictures of important people and things that amaze and inspire me.  It has somehow become my “IT” gadget more than my cellphone and laptop.  One of my decisions to get back into blog writing is this camera also.  Where else to store and document priceless memories than blogsites, right?

But unfortunate happens to even the most giving people.  So, I hope the husband can still remember and find it soon.


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A Girl Like Me and Sports

I don’t know if it’s a good decision to be working for a company that sells ad spots and event sponsorships for a sports channel. For one, I’m the kind of girl who’s more into colors, fashion, style, beauty and art. I’d rather be tuning in to Tyra Banks’ TV show, or that of the Queer Eye guys than be on the look out for what’s the latest with golf, football, or motorsports on TV.

Today, I’ve specially dedicated my time to orient myself and get acquainted with the wide world of sports. I’ve tuned in to ESPN and Star Sports, checked on several sports sites on the web and scanned through the fliers given to me from the office. I thought of this effort for me to be able to understand my job well since this is practically a new field for me. It could have been easier if I went to work for fashion magazines. Oh well, what can I do? I’ve already started working and it’s been 3 weeks already. Might as well do what I can do and excel. Funny that for the many things I’ve read about different sports today, I can only say that I’ve grasped only 40% of learnings. For this kind of stuff, I think my memory is not cooperating well. I’m hopeful though that by the day I would be breathing in sports in my system. Gotta be effective for my job, right? So the learnings go on…