The Stylista Me

My love-hate relationship with Fashion.

OOTD: Nuvali Day Trip


Last August when my family and I celebrated my father’s birthday.  We went to Nuvali are to have lunch and see those fishes, which unfortunately we didn’t get to feed.  Imagine the sadness of our children.

Short floral skirt (I bought 5 years ago)

Black cropped top shirt

White floral sneakers from SM Dept Store

Timex watch


The One in a Million Times I’m Fashionable


I just wanna share what I wore during my most recent make-up gig at a client’s wedding (Dada and Jay’s July wedding).  The story of this outfit is quite simple.  After our pre-nup shoot for the said client, my friend/partner Lucky and I went to Shangri-la Plaza Mall to supposedly meet up my husband.  We were to watch Pacific Rim with his brother, but when I got to the mall, I received a message from his saying the movie date is cancelled because he’s got a fever.

So my friend and I just texted another friend, who to our surprise, happened to be in the same mall with his other friends.  And so we met him and went for a short shopping, burning the fruit of our labor (we were luckily paid in advance by our client).

While inside “The Ramp” mall, I saw this black skirt and instantly fell in love with it.  I automatically asked the friend we met since he is a fashion stylist.  I was having second thought buying it because I was unsure if I could pull it off.  Dear stylist friend convinced me otherwise and suggested that I could wear it to the wedding date of our client.

On the day of the wedding gig, I wore it with a black top which I have.  It was a nice top with beads accent at the waist line.  I didn’t expect it to come out as a fashion hit!  Below is what I wore 🙂  What do you think about it?


See-through Maxi Skirt w/ inside Mini Skirt

Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded Go-see Outfit



Here is what I wore and looked like when I went to the first go-see event to last June 29,2013.  It was the MEGA Magazine Fashion Crew Reloaded go-see for aspiring models, stylists, HMUA’s and photographers.  Details of this look on my Lookbook account:  HYPE IT and FOLLOW ME PLEASE! 🙂

That was the first ever go-see I attended and the first contest I ever joined.  The experience was indescribable!  I was tensed, excite, anxious, nervous all at the same time.  Though I didn’t expect to go pass through the 2nd screening, I was thankful all the same for knowing that other people find my work amazing.  Well, I was kinda expecting to get cut after the 2nd screening after realizing that I had an erroneous answer during the panel interview.  That I realized the day after the go-see.  Oh well, it’s not for me this time.  Good thing is that I had a taste of how competitions like that go.

The evaluation on me was that I am a raw talent with so much potential in terms of hairstyling and make-up.  So from now on, it’ll be gearing up for stuff like that.

Smile always!