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New Creative Hobby

A fews weeks ago I started this new hobby while I wait for my son during his swimming class in school — color on coloring books.  I thought it would be a good way to pull in and get my creative juices flow naturally in me again, hehehe.

Anyway, since it was a good one hour of swim class, I thought about doing something to kill time while my son does his strokes.  At first I thought of jotting down notes for my blog or actually writing down my blog as blogging on my phone through the WordPress app drains battery life.  So on the 2nd day of class, I brought a notebook and pen.  Then I thought it was repetitive to write down the blog piece on my notebook then type on the computer when we get home.  So I thought of doing something else…

On one of those casual visits to the mall, I went to this interesting shop – MINISO.  I was glad that I did.  They have such a variety of items, which are both affordable and of good quality.  I’m in love with their kitchen and dining items, but didn’t purchase for the sole reason that I didn’t need to get new plates and utensils, hehehe.  One item I bought there was this colouring book…

Coloring book

Well, this simply caught my eye and thought that it was neat, and why not try coloring on this colouring book while I wait during my son’s swimming class?  Unlike other colouring books for grown ups in other bookstores out there, this one has simpler images 🙂  I didn’t want to get overwhelmed with so much graphics and illustrations that I’m afraid I would just end up not finishing any illustrations or image at all.

So this coloring book has 50 pages inside —  32 pages with illustrations and 18 blank pages.  Isn’t that nice?  Some blank pages for when you wanna draw and have your own illustrations or drawings!  The coloring book also comes in different cover designs and a paper wrap, which shows you a glimpse of the illustrations you will see inside each book (sorry I threw away my book’s wrapping already as of this writing).

Coloring book 3

On one of the blank pages I swatched the colors of the different color pencils that we have at home.  Of course I borrowed from my kids 🙂  Got a couple from Colleen, Faber-Castell, Maped and Sterling.  I don’t have the complete set of Maped and Sterling anymore because my kids have already misplaced them, hehehe.  I love the shade and quality of Colleen.  I’d probably get their color pencil set in 32 or more pencils.  They even have neon colors.

Coloring book 5

Color swatches…  

Here are what I have done so far…

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Skills Upgrade – Airbrush Make-up

As a make-up artist, I always try my best to find ways to keep myself updated to what’s lastest and current.  Last August I enrolled myself to the professional airbrush class of HD Make-up Academy & Studio.  It’s the same school where I got my first introduction to professional make-up and hairstyling.  It’s an upgrade for myself and it was rewarding and empowing by the end of the course.

Though I missed the first day of class due to some conflict in schedule, I was so happy to make it to Day 2 and see my mentors again.  I also felt so welcomed by my batchmates.  They were so amazing.  Day 2 was like “sabak agad” for me since I had to catch-up with what was discussed the previous day at the same time do actual airbrush make-up to my models for my portfolio photoshoot.  I struggled a bit at first since I didn’t have any idea if my strokes were correct or not.  It was different now that I am holding an airbrush gun instead of make-up brushes and sponge.  Yes I had a few comments from both my mentors like how I have weakend in terms of brows shape, contouring, false eyelashes… beyond those, it meant a lot to hear encouraging words from them.  I was guided all the way as I was catching up and it was refreshing to know the why’s and why-not’s, the should’s and should-not’s, and the musts and must-nots.

By the end of the course I was able to produce decent photos for my portfolio, but honestly need to do more practice 🙂  And always, always, we end up with a fun-filled graduation day.  It was both harder and easier than I though airbrush make-up would be :).  WORTH EVERY CENTAVO.

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My Trip Outside PH After 20 Years

I thought it would reach me a year to write about the most recent travel I had that is out of the country.  The first time I was able to go out and travel to another country was way back in 1996.  That was my highschool graduation gift.  This not-so-recent trip I’m going to tell you about actually happened last December 2016, and I am only writing about it now.  Why?  Cause I have hundreds of excuses, which I will not enumerate anymore, hehe.  Imagine how long I have kept those wonderful photos on my phone really careful not to delete any of them,  But hey, being the social media person that I am, of course I have uploaded some photos on my social media accounts already during my trip though not all of them.  What I’d like to share here are photos, which I was not able to upload back then.

So the trip was in Taipei City, Taiwan.  It was a company trip/Christmas party/teambuilding for our company.  We checked in at Golden China Hotel, which is in the heart of Taipei.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take photos of the room and restaurant where we had our breakfast so no reviews of any sorts 🙂

Sharing here a gallery of our trip.  Enjoy!

Leaving PH…

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Upon arrival to Taiwan, we headed straight to our lunch and tour to Yehliu Geopark and boy the place was so amazing!

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More of Yehliu Geopark…

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After Yehliu park was some free time to look around the city where we had our dinner…


Free time to go around before dinner


Groupie first!


Ximending Shopping center


My yummy dessert 🙂


Day 2.  National Museum Tour


Next stop:  Chiang Kai Chek Museum


That was me by the gate


The Gate




Mahangin sa labas


Spot the


Difference (Jan, my roommate)


SQUAD GOALS – Officemates (with wind effect)


That’s a long staircase


Finally reached the top!


Ceremonial change of guards


So many tourists


This was really beautiful


Chiang Kai-shek



Next:  Taiper 101 and dinner!

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After a few drinks some of the girls and I went to Raohe Night Market, but wasn’t able to take some photos of my shopping spree because, girl I  was so busy SHOPPING!!!… … and budgeting my pocket money!  😀

And what is a Taiwan trip without going to this restaurant?!!!  The gang at MODERN TOILET RESTAURANT



The only shopping photo that I had and this bag is full of food to munch!

That’s all!  I hope you enjoy the trip through my photos.  Sorry I’m not really very good at taking pictures, but I can still improve 🙂

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No-Make-up Look


Another No-Make-up Look