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Smiles, Poses, Photoshoot

Here’s a behind-the-scenes sort of shots from last weekend’s mini-project.  Moral lesson:  put some make-up on especially when on make-up gigs!!!

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One Glam Day

Last January 21, 2018 was one of the most exciting days of my 2018 so far. For the first time, I was able to attend my first blogger event, and this was the Glamcon MNL 2018! The moment I got the information about this event from a blogger friend, I didn’t waste any moment to prepare for this day. On Jan. 21, I excitedly got my stuff together – camera, powerbank, cellphones, kikay kits, jacket, and went to the venue. To be honest, I didn’t know exactly how I’m going to blog/vlog this event coz I was just very excited to experience the event, especially meeting make-up gurus, whom I spend so much time watching on Youtube.

Upon arriving at SMX Convention Center at SM Aura, I immediately went to the Media/Blogger registration area and got my name checked. Though to my surprise, I saw my name already had a check mark, but the registration guy simply put another check mark beside it, and quickly informed me that I was upgraded to the next ticket level since I made the “first 100” attendees. Yehey!!! That’s a first for me hehehe. So, from Glamderella I got the Gliteratti ticket, which entitled me to a Glamcon MNL 2018 T-shirt aside from the loot bag. What’s in the bag? There’s a Sip mineral water bottle (which I quickly finished and wasn’t able to take photo of), iWhite BB Cream sachets, and a Salon Vitales vouvher for a rebond + keratin blowout package for only Php 1,500.00.


All the items I got from the Glamcon MNL 2018: loot bag items, freebies, and discounted treats.


I asked manong guard to take a photo of me coz I was alone at this time.


Walang chance mag OOTD pose.


As I entered the hall and found very interesting booths. There was a booth selling makeup mirrors with light bulbs, makeup artists bags and makeup pouches. Then there was a makeover booth wherein you can get a free makeover and get instantly glammed up. There was also a photo/studio booth where you could get a free photo of your glammed-up self. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to line up there anymore because the day officially started as Miss Say Tioco officially welcomed and opened the event. I hurriedly went to the #GlamGala area and sat to listen to the first guest speaker – Miss Ana Victorino.


Super happy to see Miss Say Tioco!!!

Miss Ana Victorino discussed some make-up 101 essentials, which started with skin care, then the makeup tools, and ended her session with a 5min make-up challenge. After that there was a sort of a game where she asked questions about what she discussed and gave away some fab prizes. I was lucky to answer one question and got these prizes: a cosmetic and brush sanitizer and a Sooper Beaute Tinte fluid foundation.


Then I went around some more to check out the other booths and then went to get lunch. Before leaving the hall for lunch, I couldn’t help but stop by the Pink Sugar booth to check out their lipsticks and eventually got myself some.

–lunch break–

At this point I missed the talk of Miss Jessica Godinez about daily skincare routine, and Miss Raiza Contawi’s talk on matching one’s make-up and outfit.

Here are the booths inside the Glamcon MNL 2018 Hall:

Naruko, Miss Bella, Pink Sugar, Paprika, iWhite, Biore, Liese, Skincare Curator, Unlock the DIVA, Ciracle.

When I came back from my lunch, I immediately went to the #GlamGala area again and stayed there until the most anticipated session ended. So, after lunch was this talk about “Beauty On Our Terms”, and part of the panelists/guests were Venur Raj, Joyce Pring, Abby Assistio, and Julianne Tarroja who all shared their pieces about how we should come up with our own terms of what is beautiful. This panel discussion was moderated by Danah and Stacy of


After this was a short demonstration by Leo Posadas on how one could properly do one’s eyebrows.  Shortly after was a very lively and fun discussion on men’s care with Micah Muñoz, Ronan Domingo, James Burn and Michael Burtscher.


Then after was Ning Tadena’s empowering talk on how we can each unlock the DIVA within us, channeling our pain to positive outcome making us better versions of ourselves.


After that was a serenade of from Bea Lorenzo, and soon was my most-awaited session where celebrated make-up gurus share how make-up each made an impact on to their lives. A take home lesson I got from each of them is that if I were planning to follow any of their footsteps, I better start now and don’t compare myself to others, as they did when each of them were starting.

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Here’s a sneak peek of my fangirl day at Glamcon MNL 2018:

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Mission accomplished as I got photos with the people who I follow on various social media platforms.  Moral lesson and note to self:  don’t go alone when attending events, someone else should take your photos! hahaha!

Hope you enjoy my sharing with you.

Smile always!

Miss R

My November

This past month has not been so good to me.  I missed a couple of exciting events and make-up gigs to mention a few.  I also missed writing some updates for this blog and filming videos for my newly put up channel on Youtube.  So, in short, madaming missed opportunities, chances and work.

They say that things happen for a reason.  Naniniwala naman ako dyan pero minsan hindi ko lang pinapasin.  I thought my November would be a better month for me because I was looking forward to going to the Blogapalooza event in City of Dreams, which I have excitedly signed up for.  I couldn’t wait for that day to come, but a few days on the first week of the month, I had to let go of a househelp or “kasambahay”.  It would have been just an easy letting go of an employee, but this girl had to make a scene, fake an illness, and caused me to spend a lot of money just so she could leave us and maybe transfer to another employer.  It was just so irritating and annoying how she wanted to end her contract.  She could just have talked to me, that’s all.  Anyway, enough of her.  The Blogapalooza event was a big thing for me because I thought it could be instrumental in my wanting to be actively blogging again.  And of course, I would get to meet new people.  Oh, well, things happen for a reason…

After that I really just don’t know why and how things happened.  It was crazy.  I didn’t mind doing the chores at home, even when the kids were around, but for some reason we caught this viral illness that following week and we were all coughing!  I believe our kids caught this from school.  Me and some parents requested for their classrooms to be disinfected since a number of students were also been missing school because of cough, cold, and fever.

The good thing about this month though was that our family got the chance to go to Baguio and spend a long holiday time with the in-laws.  Oh boy, we brought the entire barangay with us, hehehe!  Three families up to the cold north!  It was the needed breakand vacation for us parents  and our children.  it was bonding time for our kids as well.  I was so happy for our kids since this time, they get to go and experience the mountains.  Too bad though that I wasn’t able to film our vacation and vlog it.  I wasn’t able to do OOTDs!!!  Why?  Well, since we didn’t have a yaya with us, my husband and I were so consumed looking after the kids, and just enjoying our different activities with them.  So everyday was just like endless running after the kids, snapping random photos as much as we can.  That could be really fun, but also tiring and exhausting at the same time.  Not to mention that our days were filled with so many requests and complaints from the kids at the same time.  You know how kids’ energy can be overwhelming and I don’t know how to exactly put them in words, but it was close to crazy fun.  As for me, I struggled enjoying our time there because I wasn’t feeling well due to my cough, and was always praying not to have an asthma attack any moment.  Anyway, here are some decent photos taken 🙂

After that trip, it was close to hell for me.  I was like ill all the time.  It was like this viral infection decide to take a vacation inside me as well.  I had tons of chores to do, from clothes to wash, to entire house to clean and organise.  It was truly difficult for me because I wasn’t feeling well.  I couldn’t move as much as I can.  I felt so uncomfortable.  My chest was filled with phlegm; I couldn’t breathe very well fearing an asthma attack could happen anytime.  Also, I can’t remember very well when exactly I lost my eyeglasses, but I struggled and had this extremely painful headache for 5 days before I could get myself a new pair of lighter eyeglasses.  I could hardly function for a couple of weeks!

I really hated my self this month.  I was a complete disaster.  I lost weight, which I ‘m not happy about.  My temper was terrible, I was so angry and irritated all the time!  My kids were always the victim of my bad temper, and I’m so sorry about that.  I didn’t want that to happen, but it did.  I don’t know why that was happening to me.  I was way out of control.  I was a bomb threatening to explode any moment.  It was a case of crash and burn for me.  I was wanting to get all things together, but failing miserably, and then hating myself for doing so.  I was really mad at my self!  But everything happens for a reason…why this is happening to me, I have yet to find out and understand.  However, life goes on and so I am facing December with a smile…



New Creative Hobby

A fews weeks ago I started this new hobby while I wait for my son during his swimming class in school — color on coloring books.  I thought it would be a good way to pull in and get my creative juices flow naturally in me again, hehehe.

Anyway, since it was a good one hour of swim class, I thought about doing something to kill time while my son does his strokes.  At first I thought of jotting down notes for my blog or actually writing down my blog as blogging on my phone through the WordPress app drains battery life.  So on the 2nd day of class, I brought a notebook and pen.  Then I thought it was repetitive to write down the blog piece on my notebook then type on the computer when we get home.  So I thought of doing something else…

On one of those casual visits to the mall, I went to this interesting shop – MINISO.  I was glad that I did.  They have such a variety of items, which are both affordable and of good quality.  I’m in love with their kitchen and dining items, but didn’t purchase for the sole reason that I didn’t need to get new plates and utensils, hehehe.  One item I bought there was this colouring book…

Coloring book

Well, this simply caught my eye and thought that it was neat, and why not try coloring on this colouring book while I wait during my son’s swimming class?  Unlike other colouring books for grown ups in other bookstores out there, this one has simpler images 🙂  I didn’t want to get overwhelmed with so much graphics and illustrations that I’m afraid I would just end up not finishing any illustrations or image at all.

So this coloring book has 50 pages inside —  32 pages with illustrations and 18 blank pages.  Isn’t that nice?  Some blank pages for when you wanna draw and have your own illustrations or drawings!  The coloring book also comes in different cover designs and a paper wrap, which shows you a glimpse of the illustrations you will see inside each book (sorry I threw away my book’s wrapping already as of this writing).

Coloring book 3

On one of the blank pages I swatched the colors of the different color pencils that we have at home.  Of course I borrowed from my kids 🙂  Got a couple from Colleen, Faber-Castell, Maped and Sterling.  I don’t have the complete set of Maped and Sterling anymore because my kids have already misplaced them, hehehe.  I love the shade and quality of Colleen.  I’d probably get their color pencil set in 32 or more pencils.  They even have neon colors.

Coloring book 5

Color swatches…  

Here are what I have done so far…

Thanks for reading!

Smile always,