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My Lancome Kit <3

One of the recent make-up products I received in the past six months is a “pasalubong” from my dearest Ninang (Godmother).  It’s a travel vanity kit from Lancome containing some basic essentials for a startup make-up kit.



Lancome Facial Creams

Renergie Lift Multi-Action Suncreen Cream – it’s a lifting and firming facial cream with SPF15, and it’s for all skin types.  It has a light scent and feels good on the skin once applied as if you’ve put on a moisturizer, although it doesn’t really spread easily on the skin like some gel formula since it’s a sunscreen.  It’s meant to be reapplied every after 2 hours or if getting exposed under the sun for a longer period of time, but it is not advisable to use when swimming.  Must use a different kind of sunscreen for that 🙂

Renergie Lift Multi Action Eye Cream – a lifting and firming eye cream meant to be applied over the eyebrow  bone and under the eyes in the morning and in the evening.  I only got to put it once a day for the reason that I kept on forgetting this instruction, hehehe.  Pasaway me!

Double Action Eye Make-up Remover – easily removes waterproof eye makeups and it is Ophthalmologist-tested.  Gentle enough for sensitive eyes.

Lancome Make-up Remover

CILS Booster XL Mascara Base and DEFINICILS High Definition Mascara
the mascara base is supposed to enhance and prep your eyelashes while the high definition mascara is supposed to, well you know, give you ooommphh! eyelashes.

Lancome Mascara

Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss – in lychee flavor, an ultra glossy and hydrating lip gloss.

Lancome Juicytube

Color Design Eyeshadow Palette – in Parisian Style.  This gives a smooth hold of color on your eyes.  Perfect for an ombre look.

Lancome Eyeshadow


L’a Absolu Rogue Cream Lipstick – in Blush Classique (337) shade, this is a cream lipstick that will give you that lush and sheer color of pink on your lips.  It has a press/push-out mechanism where you have to push or press that golden rose (flower) on top to push out the lipstick.  That holds or locks together the lipstick and cover perfectly.  Neat, right?!

Lancome Lipstick

Of this kit, the only thing that I didn’t like is the mascara pair.  Upon application of the mascara primer on curled eyelashes, it immediately straightened it back and weighted the lashes down.  When the mascara is applied, it took quite some time for both primer and mascara to get dry, so chances are you’ll get some mess on your under eye as the lashes have lost its curl.  Also used this pair for atleast 3 times and on all occasions didn’t get volume and shape.  I gave them to my sister by the way 🙂

My fave is of course the lipstick!  Creamy and full of moisture.  It also gives that youthful supple glow on your lips.  This is great to have if you are a pinkish lip kinda girl.  Try it out, too!


The light brown shade of the eyeshadow palette has been my go-to shade for my daytime look whenever I go out for a daytime event or occasion.  Handy in size, can fit even a small kikay kit, and you can use your fingers to apply them without creating mess on your eyes.  Never cakey and color gives that enough depth effect for my almost chinky eyes 🙂

I am generally happy with this kit as they are handy and perfect for a simple daytime look that I always go for.

Smile always!

Miss R



Lipstick Shades Testing: Shiseido Perfect Rouge

I finally had the time to try some fantastic lipstick shades from Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge collection.  The samples sheet was given by my former boss Sandra (super thanks!!!) and I tried them out with a simple make-up look (please forgive my lighting – that’s natural light from my window).  I have not gone to their store here in Manila yet, so forgive me if I cannot say if the collection is still available or not, but if you will be able to visit them, it would be good to buy a stick or two as I must say that the shades from Shiseido are great for me, not too shocking or bold for my taste.

They have creamy, moisture, sheer consistency and they transfer.  For this trial, I didn’t put any lip liner on my lips so I could show you the real shades on my lips.  Note that it is wiser to apply a nude shade lip liner before applying the lipstick to make it last longer.  If you’re fair and meztisahin, the color will pop more 🙂  Cost of each, I think, ranges from Php 1,200 – 1,500.

So here is sneak peek of the three shades from Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge collection.  You may watch my video of trying these shades below:



Make-up Brushes Collection

The past two months had me splurging on some make-up products and tools. I recently bought the last set of make-up brushes for my personal use.  Hope that’s my last one…for this year!  Hahaha, next year na ulit bibili… pinkie swear!  Charot!

At first I only have these brushes for my self.  Since hindi naman talaga ako mahilig maglagay ng make-up sa sarili ko, I thought these would be enough to do tricks on ocassions that I would need to glam up a bit.

I tried to learn a few make-up strokes from watching Michelle Phan videos on Youtube with these brushes.

  1. E.L.F Eyeshadow Brushes – I have two eyeshadow brushes from E.L.F – one eye

    My first batch of personal make-up brushes

    shadow brush and a blending eye brush.  I would dab this to a lighter eyeshadow shade them tap it to remove excess product, then dab it to a darkershade for my eye contour color.  Then I would use the blending brush to blend any hard lines on my crease.

  2. Marionnaud Slanted Eyeliner and Brow Brush Duo –  I’d dab the slanted eyeliner brush into a darker shade eyeshadow to define and fill my eyebrows, then just brush it with the spoolie brush end to blend and create that naturally full looking brows.
  3. Maybelline Gel Liner Brush – so I’d use this brush that came along with the gel eyeliner to define my eyes and create sublte cat’s eye look.

For my foundation and blush, I would just use my fingers or sponge.  I’m a big fan of cream blushes so I would mostly use my fingers as well, or if the blush on comes with its own brush, I’d just use that one, too.

But recently, over the past two months, I’ve splurgged on new make-up brushes and here are my latest purchases:

  1. Brush Works Make-up Brushes – I purchased this through Zalora and bought theset for P699.00.  It’s an 11pcs bamboo make-up brush set that comes with a pouch bag.  It includes a kabuki brush, foundation brush, slanted blush brush, a couple of eyeshadow brushes (wag na isa-isahin at hahaba, hehehe), brow brush and concealer brush.  Yes, wala lang lip brush :).  I actually bought 2 sets from Brush Works.  Got a pink set for my sister as well :).  I’m such a generous sistah! (nagbuhat ng bangko, hahaha).

    Quick Review:  I like how the bristle feels like for every brush.  Very soft almost like the high-end ones.  Make-up product do stick on the white part at the end of each brush so it is easy to tell if a brush has already been used.

  2. The A List – about two weeks ago, I checked Beauty MNL site and searched for make-up brushes as I wasn’t satisfied yet with my collection :).  So I found a couple of  eyeshadow brushes all at P150 each, and bought almost all that they have.  I love how Beauty MNL packaged my order – simple and neat, naka-plastic each brush, plus the ziplock plastic can be reused :).

    Quick Review:  Kinda look like a paint brush (could pass for a paint brush, hehe), but with softer bristles/hair, though crease shadow brushes are a bit big for my eyes so they will work well for blending.  Length of the handle is OK for a person with small hands like me.

  3. Marionnaud Eyeshadow Brushes – I actually bought them at a nearby  Watsons store.  I was so happy to see a whole stand of make-up brushes from Marionnaud, and I think the Watsons saleslady was laughing inside herself upon seeing me picking up which ones to get.  I was like having a holiday in front of that stand.  I was like get all brushes, no just some… no, get all!… no just a few… … That was a crazy moment for me, hahaha.  They each vary in prices depending on the kind of brush you are purchasing.  They range from Php99.00 – Php129.00.brushes3  Quick Review:  I previously bought a foundation brush from Marionnaud last year and I was satisfied with it, that’s why I already know this brand would eventually have more eyeshadow brushes.  Also, almost at par with high-end brands when it comes to the hair/bristles.

Pretty excited to try, test and use them all.  I would be more excited to do make-up tutorials now that I feel I have a complete set.  I will just feature a review of these products on the youtube channel I’m setting up 🙂  For now titigilan ko na munang bumili ng mga make-up brushes hehehe.

Smile always!

Miss R,,

Skills Upgrade – Airbrush Make-up

As a make-up artist, I always try my best to find ways to keep myself updated to what’s lastest and current.  Last August I enrolled myself to the professional airbrush class of HD Make-up Academy & Studio.  It’s the same school where I got my first introduction to professional make-up and hairstyling.  It’s an upgrade for myself and it was rewarding and empowing by the end of the course.

Though I missed the first day of class due to some conflict in schedule, I was so happy to make it to Day 2 and see my mentors again.  I also felt so welcomed by my batchmates.  They were so amazing.  Day 2 was like “sabak agad” for me since I had to catch-up with what was discussed the previous day at the same time do actual airbrush make-up to my models for my portfolio photoshoot.  I struggled a bit at first since I didn’t have any idea if my strokes were correct or not.  It was different now that I am holding an airbrush gun instead of make-up brushes and sponge.  Yes I had a few comments from both my mentors like how I have weakend in terms of brows shape, contouring, false eyelashes… beyond those, it meant a lot to hear encouraging words from them.  I was guided all the way as I was catching up and it was refreshing to know the why’s and why-not’s, the should’s and should-not’s, and the musts and must-nots.

By the end of the course I was able to produce decent photos for my portfolio, but honestly need to do more practice 🙂  And always, always, we end up with a fun-filled graduation day.  It was both harder and easier than I though airbrush make-up would be :).  WORTH EVERY CENTAVO.

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