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Product Testing: Kris x EB Life Kits

Finally, it is now available!  Not that we had to wait for such a long time since Miss Kris Aquino was announced as the latest Ever Bilena endorser, but finally she has a make-up collection out!

Though she only has a few pieces in the collection, I believe these has been thought of carefully as there are only limited shades for both types of products.  The collection was designed to have versatile and flexible colors or shades that could compliment almost every Filipina skin tone/shade.

I also believe that she’s thought of how most Filipinas are always on the go and the most essential makeup products one could ever have should be for the eyebrows and the lips, that’s why she has the brow liner, brow mascara and lipsticks.  Very easy and quick to use.  You can be done with a simple and fresh look or glam look in minutes!  Day time or night time look, she got that covered with technically two sticks on you hand.

Just one bummer, though, I am missing one lipstick shade here.  The Life lipstick shade is now a best-seller as it went on “out of stock” status when I made an online purchase a few days ago.  Anyway, here are the products!!!:


And here is the link to the make-up review that I did for these awesome products:


And here are some shots I took the day after I made my review… I must say that THAT red lipstick shade CONVERTED me from being a nude/pink/mauve shade kinda girl, hehehe!


To be honest, I am not 100% sold with the brow products because I can see a hint of redness with the brow liner, however I like the wand/brush and finish of the brow mascara.  Though I only tried one shade of the lipsticks I am definitely loving this lipstick shade on me!  For me, it’s the perfect matte lipstick as it is not drying on the lips both feel and look of it.  So I am so looking forward to getting that Life lipstick shade!!!

I would also say the same thing as what many Youtube make-up gurus have said in their videos…


If you’ve tried these as well, let me know of your experience and how do you find the products so far?

Hope you enjoy watching my video!  Yun lang!


Smile always!!!




My FS Cosmetics Collection, Finally!

So finally I got a chance to have a semi-complete collection of FS Cosmetics (Features and Shades) make-up.  Naturally, what a make-up enthusiast like me is going to do is try everything out, so here is my first ever make-up haul ( I hope for more to come soon, hehe) and a make-up practice because, well I’m getting rusty in the craft, you know! 🙂  But, #LoveYourBeauty ika nga ni FS Cosmetics, right girls?! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

FS Cosmetics Make-up Haul:


And here is the practice…


And here is my finished product!  Excuse my eye-maletas 🙂


While doing and editing these videos, I’ve discovered about fast-forwarding some clips, which has now inspired me to do more videos because now I can shorted them for faster uploads!  hehehe!  Cheers to more videos soon!


Smile always!

Miss R


Smiles, Poses, Photoshoot

Here’s a behind-the-scenes sort of shots from last weekend’s mini-project.  Moral lesson:  put some make-up on especially when on make-up gigs!!!

For rate inquiries and bookings:


0915-6837880 (globe)

0999-9567061 (smart)


Product Review: Wangskin Lip Tattoo Pens

Some time Jan. 13 my Charis Celeb package arrived.  This was my very first Try Me product to test and review and to my delight I was so happy I made the right choice of which product to request.  Upon opening the package, I was so surprised of the size of the tubes I got for sampling.  It was kind of like the actual product size.  Oh! maybe it was already indeed the actual size.  That was so generous!

PRESENTING!  The Wangskin Lip Tattoo Pen


This is the first time I ever tried on a lip tattoo, and really had no expectations.  Following the instructions written on the box, which is quite easy, I felt some weirdness on the lips upon applying it on, as I’m not that used to the product yet.  In terms of color and shade, I find that it has quite a rich shade even as the tint dries up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After 20mins, I was excited to see how it was gonna look like once I peel off the sort of plaster on my lips.  To my surprise, the result I was anticipating  for was reached!  The shade was just right for me, it blended well on my skin color.  It was one of the few reds that I favor since I am more of the nude to mauve shade kind of gal when it comes to lipsticks.  So immediately I posted my result and got some inquiries right away!


What I love about this product?

  • Color or shade
  • Size of the tube and amount product content
  • Easy peel-off
  • Long wearing

If you want to avail of this product straight from Korea, here is the link to my Charis Celeb Shop:

Miss R’s Picks

Hope you’ll like this product as I do.


Smile always!

Miss R