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Makeup Inspiration

Whenever I have time to look around the Internet, I would always first scan through posts or blogs of makeup artists and other makeup enhusiasts like me. I do this to look for makeup inspirations because they say that the only limit to one’s creativity is their own imagination. So since I have gone through post natal adjustments, this method has been helping me pump up some creative juice from within me.

It was last year when I came across this photo over Pinterest. Pinned it to my wall as one of my makeup inspirations, it was only until recently that I got the chance to create my own version.


It took me a while to do a version of this. When the eye shadow palette i ordered online from Enhance Cosmetics came, I instantly had this picture in mind. So without further ado, here I did a purple version although since I was using an iPod front camera, the colors didn’t really pop out.



I’d do more looks and blog about the eye shadow palette next time. Maybe if I will have the luxury of time, I’d do a tutorial.

So what do you think? Did I come close? 🙂

Smile always!


I was just so happy when I checked out “Stuff In Style” Instagram and Facebook accounts, chose the item I want, and settled payment because the package arrived the following day!  Honestly, I didn’t expect it to arrive that soon since my payment pushed through late in the afternoon and delivery usually takes 1-3 days.  And so you can just imagine my delight when I received the package.

What did I buy?  It’s URBAN DECAY’s BASICS eye shadow palette.  Why I bought it?  Hmmm, let’s say being a stay home mom got me a little bored 🙂  And I was just too weak to resist URBAN DECAY and the ease of buying online.

Without further ado, I opened the most awaited package…


Opening the package

Of course I wasn’t able to contain my excitement that I immediately used it and tried it out.  Having nude shades, I opted to go for a make-up look that is suitable for daytime or when you will go to office or a corporate meeting.  I used a very light coverage foundation, as my skin is not really used to foundations.  I also didn’t have concealer here as I’m not really a big fan of it 🙂  Forgive my eyes’ puffiness for I sleep really late.  I believe no concealer can do the trick here hahaha!  For finish, I put a very light pink shade lipstick from Maybelline.




So, what’s my verdict of the eye shadow palette?  FABULOUS!!!  It blends really well, although on me, the shades became a bit darker when applied.  Happy that it gave my money’s worth 🙂

What do you think?  Share your thoughts 🙂

Smile always!


Make-up Practise

After finishing my make-up gig, I thought of doing some make-up of my own. It is different when you put make-up to a client and when you do it to your own face. That is why you will come across make-up schools offering separate trainings for professional and personal make-up.

So unlike how I do it to a client, I started with my eyes. Using MAC 6Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows I did two different eye looks. I just played around the colors and came up with…



I’m not gonna emphasize on the names of the shades.  I hope you can see that one side is a combination of gold and dark brown. The other side is of rose and dark blue that turned to blue violet. Next, I put on some liquid foundation by Revlon. What I have is one of those photoready kinds. Then I just glided on some red lipcolor.

So which side do you think is better?

20130321-184431.jpg  20130321-184602.jpg 20130321-184632.jpg

Pregnant Make-up

I’m not sure if it’s the mood or the hormones but since I got pregnant I kinda got gentle on putting make-up on.  Actually it kinda got lessen since I resigned from work and wasn’t going out that much.

On our trip to Enchanted Kingdom, I decided not to leave the house without putting some make-up on.  So sticking on the simple light side or what I called the “Barely There Look”, I just dabbed on some moisturizer and blush.  Yes, no foundation.  I’m not a great fan of foundation nowadays.  I just want that matte, clean skin for my make-up base.  For my eyes, I applied on a black gel eyeliner from Maybelline for my cats eyes look, and a coat of mascara and pink lipstick.

Plain me
Barely There Look


Barely There Look

Lip Balm Search Part 2

New product on hand

Still searching for a replacement to my favorite lip balm, I bought another variant from the same brand I used to buy.  This time I got this Berry Lip Balm also from Blistex.  First time I tried it on it felt kinda weird.  There was a minty feel after a few seconds of putting it on.  It felt weird for me maybe because I’m not just used to this new product.  I also felt its moisturizing effect instantly, however it doesn’t last long and it felt thick on the lips.  After a few hours my lips felt dry again.  Unlike the lip toner I used to wear.  That one was more long lasting.

So right now I’m using two lip balm products.  I hope that is wise though 🙂

My dry lips

Approx. 30 secs after applying Blistex Berry Lip Balm