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I was just so happy when I checked out “Stuff In Style” Instagram and Facebook accounts, chose the item I want, and settled payment because the package arrived the following day!  Honestly, I didn’t expect it to arrive that soon since my payment pushed through late in the afternoon and delivery usually takes 1-3 days.  And so you can just imagine my delight when I received the package.

What did I buy?  It’s URBAN DECAY’s BASICS eye shadow palette.  Why I bought it?  Hmmm, let’s say being a stay home mom got me a little bored 🙂  And I was just too weak to resist URBAN DECAY and the ease of buying online.

Without further ado, I opened the most awaited package…


Opening the package

Of course I wasn’t able to contain my excitement that I immediately used it and tried it out.  Having nude shades, I opted to go for a make-up look that is suitable for daytime or when you will go to office or a corporate meeting.  I used a very light coverage foundation, as my skin is not really used to foundations.  I also didn’t have concealer here as I’m not really a big fan of it 🙂  Forgive my eyes’ puffiness for I sleep really late.  I believe no concealer can do the trick here hahaha!  For finish, I put a very light pink shade lipstick from Maybelline.




So, what’s my verdict of the eye shadow palette?  FABULOUS!!!  It blends really well, although on me, the shades became a bit darker when applied.  Happy that it gave my money’s worth 🙂

What do you think?  Share your thoughts 🙂

Smile always!


Glamour Box Galore

Last April, I got very excited over a tweet from Glamour Box PH.  It’s the launching of their April box of beauties!  Yes, I’m gonna call it “beauties” since each box contains goodies for making one beautiful.  So I purchased right away.  Got it set to be delivered to where I work.  Then I waited patiently for I understand how it goes with suppliers and couriers, etc…  I waited and waited… Then came the decision to work from home because of some unfortunate events that happened at home.

I almost forgot about that box when one day I got a message from our office manager saying that a package arrived for me!  I couldn’t contain myself back then that I requested her to open my package and take a photo and Viber it to me.  Yeah, I was so excited that I was willing for someone else to open it for me.  I wasn’t able to come to the office that soon due to my mommy duties at home and so my package had to wait…  It waited for more than a month!

Then last June 4, I was able to drop by the office and finally got hold of my much awaited Glamour Box package!  I grabbed it and right away opened it!  Sharing with you what’s inside my April Glamour Box package.


Delivered by Xend



Simple Look for My 34th Birthday

Simple Look for My 34th Birthday

Simple make-up for my birthday.

Outdoor Beauties

Outdoor Beauty

Last August I did a fun photo shoot with my cousin, who is an aspiring photographer.  Since I myself is an aspiring make-up artist, we convinced my sisters and my cousin’s girlfriend to post as our models.  The concept was originally “Astig Beauties”.  Astig meaning tough and edgy, but due to lack to time, we weren’t able to take shots at the originally planned venue.  We ended up settling to this open space near our subdivision.  More photos on

Beauty Secret

I have a really simple rule when it comes to beauty secrets. Hygiene.

I’ve read about them a lot… Almost every women’s magazine has a story about women having problems with staying beautiful or asking other women their beauty secrets. Mine, as I said, is really just simple – hygiene. For me, it’s not about the type or brand of cleanser or moisturizer, or foundation one uses, it’s about how one keeps a healthy and clean self. When you think about it, the root cause of skin problems boils down to two factors: dirt and stress. I’m not an expert here though, just a keen observer. It is really all about washing your face before going to bed and when you wake up; taking a bath everyday so you will feel fresh; and giving yourself enough sleep and rest to give your body time to rejuvinate and regain your natural glow. The world is full of harmful elements that contribute to factors which causes aging. Giving your face and body it’s frequent wash and bath would really do you wonders. But then again, this is just me. You can have your own style and secrets. I, myself also make use of those beauty enhancers out there, but I make it a point to keep myself clean, as much as I could.