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A Little Prenup Photography

Last weekend I had this make-up gig in the Rizal province.  My couple client wanted to capture sunset, moon rise and sunrise.  According to them, the best place to witness those was in Real, Quezon.  So it was roughly 3 hours drive from Robinsons Place Antipolo to Real, Quezon.  We met at 12 noon at Robinsons Place, Antipolo and arrived at Real, Quezon around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  I was asleep most of the time during the trip, so I have no idea where we passed.

It was a small team of two photographers, one HMUA (me) and an assistant that took care of couple during the photoshoot.  After doing the bride-to-be’s makeup, we went to this seaside/shore area that was quite rocky.  I decided to do a little prenup photography myself, using my own camera (Sony DSC-WX500).  This is just to kill time while the official photographers do their magic.  Though the photos below are basically behind-the-scene shots, I’d like to think that I am now learning how to play around with my camera.  Sharing with you, I hope, are my best photos 🙂  Enjoy!

Behind-the-scenes photos of days 1 and 2:

Day 1 – SUNSET


Assisting the couple to that right spot is my assitant.


Smile, click!

Real Quezon2

Capturing some rocks and clouds… and a boat.


A photographer must be versatile. 🙂


And because my camera wasn’t set correctly…


I was after a silhouette, but then this… setttings, settings, settings…


We weren’t able to capture the moonrise because it got cloudy.  By the time the sky was clear to see the moon, we were already downing some beers and pulutans 🙂



Real Quezon

Between 5:30am – 6:00am at the shore of Real, Quezon.


Sweet morning… from my far far away camera 🙂


So still…


A photographer must…


The love between these two was so infectious.




By the lake…


Another buwis-buhay spot


Working his magic with camera…


Lucky snapshot by me 🙂




This was actually the last photo taken from this place…


Round and round they go…


Round and round they go…


Malakas maka… “The hills are alive… with the sound of music…”


Quick photo-op with the team


Busy working…


Confused of which to take photo of…


That’s Cali by the way… (client’s pet dog)


I love Pililia… from way up this hill! 🙂  Bawal mag-suklay ng hereret dito!


Baskil na me!!! Patuyo ng kils konti… Mahangin pero maaraw din!


Elesiiii, tururu tururu tururu…


Photogs at work… while I’m the paparazzi 😛


Cali, ever so cooperative and patient 🙂




Magulo na nga hair ko, nakapikit pa ako!

So much thanks to the amazing and easy-to-work-with team of Reygie and Haze of RPDProduction.

You can also watch the vlog I made about this prenup photoshoot below:


I hope you like my photos and enjoyed watching my vlog!

Smile always!



Product Testing: Kris x EB Life Kits

Finally, it is now available!  Not that we had to wait for such a long time since Miss Kris Aquino was announced as the latest Ever Bilena endorser, but finally she has a make-up collection out!

Though she only has a few pieces in the collection, I believe these has been thought of carefully as there are only limited shades for both types of products.  The collection was designed to have versatile and flexible colors or shades that could compliment almost every Filipina skin tone/shade.

I also believe that she’s thought of how most Filipinas are always on the go and the most essential makeup products one could ever have should be for the eyebrows and the lips, that’s why she has the brow liner, brow mascara and lipsticks.  Very easy and quick to use.  You can be done with a simple and fresh look or glam look in minutes!  Day time or night time look, she got that covered with technically two sticks on you hand.

Just one bummer, though, I am missing one lipstick shade here.  The Life lipstick shade is now a best-seller as it went on “out of stock” status when I made an online purchase a few days ago.  Anyway, here are the products!!!:


And here is the link to the make-up review that I did for these awesome products:


And here are some shots I took the day after I made my review… I must say that THAT red lipstick shade CONVERTED me from being a nude/pink/mauve shade kinda girl, hehehe!


To be honest, I am not 100% sold with the brow products because I can see a hint of redness with the brow liner, however I like the wand/brush and finish of the brow mascara.  Though I only tried one shade of the lipsticks I am definitely loving this lipstick shade on me!  For me, it’s the perfect matte lipstick as it is not drying on the lips both feel and look of it.  So I am so looking forward to getting that Life lipstick shade!!!

I would also say the same thing as what many Youtube make-up gurus have said in their videos…


If you’ve tried these as well, let me know of your experience and how do you find the products so far?

Hope you enjoy watching my video!  Yun lang!


Smile always!!!



My FS Cosmetics Collection, Finally!

So finally I got a chance to have a semi-complete collection of FS Cosmetics (Features and Shades) make-up.  Naturally, what a make-up enthusiast like me is going to do is try everything out, so here is my first ever make-up haul ( I hope for more to come soon, hehe) and a make-up practice because, well I’m getting rusty in the craft, you know! 🙂  But, #LoveYourBeauty ika nga ni FS Cosmetics, right girls?! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

FS Cosmetics Make-up Haul:


And here is the practice…


And here is my finished product!  Excuse my eye-maletas 🙂


While doing and editing these videos, I’ve discovered about fast-forwarding some clips, which has now inspired me to do more videos because now I can shorted them for faster uploads!  hehehe!  Cheers to more videos soon!


Smile always!

Miss R


Improvements In My Photos

After that pre-nup photoshoot I did some weeks ago, I decided to make a few adjustments with my digital camera.  I must admit, I was too lazy to read about photography 101.  I have worked as a digital marketer for about 5 years, which could be a bit technical too, when it comes to online advertising, so I don’t want to go technical in taking photos anymore.  Give me a break, choz!!!

So I took my digital camera again and did a few adjustments in exposure, zoom, etc…  I finally gave in to rotating the camera setting from automatic to manual, and randomly clicked on the button and shot away…

Here are my photos grouped into galleries of photos with no effects, and photos with a little bit of effect, somehow, hahaha!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some photos with a little bit of effect and drama 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, did I have some improvements? I hope so.  Please do not ask me anymore about what adjustments I made because I cannot remember what I have done.  I cannot go into technical details anymore, whether I like it or not, hehehe.

Next time there will more better photos, especially those of my clients.

Smile always!!!