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I'm a working mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and hopefully would like to be a beauty queen (but it's too late already and I'm not tall).

First Blogger Event: Kikaysikat’s Anniversary Party

I would have to thank my dear classmate, Reylen Castro, who is new blogger (MadeItThroughMum), for tagging me along to the anniversary party of KikaySiKat‘s blogsite.  I am going to tell you that I enjoyed every bit of it.  Came a bit late though at Tokyo Bubble Tea in Eastwood City, Libis, where it was held last July 18.  The party was simple yet meaningful, especially to Kaycee who celebrated the 5th year of her blog site.  Some kind of passion, huh?  I can’t barely keep up writing regularly here, hehehe.

We started the afternoon with delicious food and drink from Tokyo Bubble Tea while answering a slumbook type of registration form.  Creative, right?!  And then a game was held, where we exchanged forms with other guests and ought to get a good grasp of the info written about the person we exchanged forms with.  It was a fun get-to-know-each-other game as I met other bloggers, youngsters if I may say, who share the same passion in blogging as Ms. Kaycee.  Then she, Ms. Kaycee, recognized and expressed deep gratitude to her first ever and loyal follower who came all the way from Cabanatuan City.  Sorry I didn’t get his name.  Inspiration knows no distance.

The afternoon was all about thanking and being grateful for the people who appreciate ones work, be it written, spoken, made or performed.  I know so little about Ms. Kaycee, but during that party I saw and felt in her genuine love for work and having fun in what you do could go miles away reaching people from all walks of life and inspiring them to do well in life as well.

It was a short party but it was truly worthwhile for me.  Here are some snapshots of the party:

Me and my dear friend Len (

Me and my dear friend Len (

Fab products for answering correctly during the game.

Fab products for answering correctly during the game.


Ms. Kaycee (off-shoulder top) and one of the guests.

Back to Full-Time Work

Being a mother is already a full-time job.  Nobody will contest me.  But sometimes even if you just want to stay at home and be with your kids 24/7, there will come a time that you will want to give more to your children than just your time.  You’ll want to give them nicer clothes for every occasion, healthy food, toys, books, gadgets, etc… The list could go on and on, but with the current economic trend, you cannot just have one parent providing for those stuff.  Of course you’ve got to help, and being a mother you just have this innate desire to go out there and get it for your love ones by all means possible.  Working from home didn’t do the trick for me.  Maybe I’m just not one of those who’ve been successful doing it.  So I’ve got to go out there.

It has been a firm decision that I would go back to working full-time since last year after my daughter turned 1, but somehow something just gets in the way of putting that decision into action.  Then finally when we faced this dreadful situation when all 3 of our kids were hospitalized due to measles, that’s when I said “no, no more delays”.  So the soonest I’ve got all of them fully recovered, I started sending my resume to every company I could come across with, from Jobstreet to JobsDB to LinkedIn.  I went to all scheduled interviews most of them I tried to set on days when my husband is off from work because there’s no one to leave our kids with since we didn’t have any yaya.

Then after 4 months, I signed up for a job a million girls would NOT kill for.  I took it anyway because it’s with one of the strongest companies in the advertising industry.  The position?  It’s a junior level job.  Again, I took it anyway because I feel that I’m going to have to restart my career and with doing so it should be with a strong company.  I believe I am in the right place now.  It maybe unlikely but what I’ve got now is a chance – a chance to rebuild whatever was broken, to gather whatever was scattered, and to make something new in my life.  So I thank all the powers in the world beyond mine.  I am forever grateful to the people who have helped me along the way,especially during the times when I was out of control and was such a mess.  I thank the people who have understood whatever I was going through the past few years.  I thank the people who endured my “kakulitan” and “kalokohan” ways, believe me, I never thought I’d go through something like that that’s why my reaction is like that.  I think I was tested.  To the people who have caused me so much pain and misery, well I guess that’s who they really were.  Whatever they’ve done is their purpose in life, so “bahala na si Lord sa inyo”.

So now being back to a full-time corporate job I really don’t know what lies ahead of me.  I humbly raise all my concerns and troubles to God.  After all, I said before that He is my rock, I shall not fall.  I am currently training for something that my 35-year old mind is really being challenged to absorb.  I hope that what I have envisioned myself to during my younger years is something I will be able to do and accomplish now since I am already complete and have reached the true essence of being a woman.  Now, life begins to continue. Good luck to me.  I know I am never alone.

The Stay-At-Home Me

Hello there! Well I’m back here again! Gosh I missed blogging. I remember saying a few months ago that I’m gonna be more active here, but unfortunately some things just screw up your plans.  What am I saying here?  Well there’s the case of mismanagement of time, simple laziness, and people who would rob you of good motivation, hehehe.

Anyway, I’d like to move my self to take charge and make things change.  I wanna do this before 2014 starts and everybody would be so into drafting their New Year’s Resolution list.  So mine’s gonna be a tiny bit different.

So, yeah here we go!


The Me as of Nov 2013

I’ve been making resolutions lists or goals lists like forever, and unfortunately have not actively worked on each item I had on every list.  There was actually one list I’ve made wherein I was able to achieve around 9 items of the 35 items I had there.  Really bad huh?  Oh well,  I’ve got a lot of things on pending, and right now I think I finally have the chance to really work on them – I hope!  I’m just praying that the nanny I got this time would stay with us until such time that my kids can be independent enough.

Honestly, I’ve been struggling with the idea that I have to be a stay-at-home mom for most part of the year now.  I actually didn’t consider the possibility of that when I was pregnant with my second child.  The reason is that I didn’t want to underestimate myself for having kids and still be able to keep up with my  job.  Career-wise you can say that I am a late bloomer, hey actually I’m a late bloomer to just about everything, hehehe!  So I was trying my best to be a “career mom”.

Like many other mothers out there who’ve been through the same situation that I am in now, things weren’t going the way I wanted and planned them to, so I submitted to the idea.  I did several things to convince myself that staying at home could work for me.  I did things like baking, cooking, reading novels, though in digital form, and even video blogging.  Those were some of the efforts which I thought was fun doing especially that I’m not worried with some deadlines or meetings.  Of course it is given that I get to spend enormous amount of time with my children.  That my friend is priceless indeed.  I’d agree with anyone who’d say that that is the ultimate perk of staying at home.  But my friend, there are also challenges.

As an observation, when you are in the office, you are able to manage your time according to the tasks that you’ve planned for yourself based on the urgency of tasks or on your prioritization.  At home, that is a challenge for me.  Some experts would say that you can apply time management at home and with your kids.  It’s actually good that you can introduce your kids to time management at their very young age, but I have observed that kids, even though you train or discipline them while still young, have their own moods and coping mechanisms.  They have their own style in taking their time to adapt to change and development, and a parent like me has to be sensitive and attentive to that.  And I am admitting that I almost always fail in doing so.  Knowing that now I’d say that staying at home is kinda like a new job opportunity for me to take on.

No-Make-up Look


Another No-Make-up Look


Makeup Inspiration

Whenever I have time to look around the Internet, I would always first scan through posts or blogs of makeup artists and other makeup enhusiasts like me. I do this to look for makeup inspirations because they say that the only limit to one’s creativity is their own imagination. So since I have gone through post natal adjustments, this method has been helping me pump up some creative juice from within me.

It was last year when I came across this photo over Pinterest. Pinned it to my wall as one of my makeup inspirations, it was only until recently that I got the chance to create my own version.


It took me a while to do a version of this. When the eye shadow palette i ordered online from Enhance Cosmetics came, I instantly had this picture in mind. So without further ado, here I did a purple version although since I was using an iPod front camera, the colors didn’t really pop out.



I’d do more looks and blog about the eye shadow palette next time. Maybe if I will have the luxury of time, I’d do a tutorial.

So what do you think? Did I come close? 🙂

Smile always!


I was just so happy when I checked out “Stuff In Style” Instagram and Facebook accounts, chose the item I want, and settled payment because the package arrived the following day!  Honestly, I didn’t expect it to arrive that soon since my payment pushed through late in the afternoon and delivery usually takes 1-3 days.  And so you can just imagine my delight when I received the package.

What did I buy?  It’s URBAN DECAY’s BASICS eye shadow palette.  Why I bought it?  Hmmm, let’s say being a stay home mom got me a little bored 🙂  And I was just too weak to resist URBAN DECAY and the ease of buying online.

Without further ado, I opened the most awaited package…


Opening the package

Of course I wasn’t able to contain my excitement that I immediately used it and tried it out.  Having nude shades, I opted to go for a make-up look that is suitable for daytime or when you will go to office or a corporate meeting.  I used a very light coverage foundation, as my skin is not really used to foundations.  I also didn’t have concealer here as I’m not really a big fan of it 🙂  Forgive my eyes’ puffiness for I sleep really late.  I believe no concealer can do the trick here hahaha!  For finish, I put a very light pink shade lipstick from Maybelline.




So, what’s my verdict of the eye shadow palette?  FABULOUS!!!  It blends really well, although on me, the shades became a bit darker when applied.  Happy that it gave my money’s worth 🙂

What do you think?  Share your thoughts 🙂

Smile always!


The One in a Million Times I’m Fashionable


I just wanna share what I wore during my most recent make-up gig at a client’s wedding (Dada and Jay’s July wedding).  The story of this outfit is quite simple.  After our pre-nup shoot for the said client, my friend/partner Lucky and I went to Shangri-la Plaza Mall to supposedly meet up my husband.  We were to watch Pacific Rim with his brother, but when I got to the mall, I received a message from his saying the movie date is cancelled because he’s got a fever.

So my friend and I just texted another friend, who to our surprise, happened to be in the same mall with his other friends.  And so we met him and went for a short shopping, burning the fruit of our labor (we were luckily paid in advance by our client).

While inside “The Ramp” mall, I saw this black skirt and instantly fell in love with it.  I automatically asked the friend we met since he is a fashion stylist.  I was having second thought buying it because I was unsure if I could pull it off.  Dear stylist friend convinced me otherwise and suggested that I could wear it to the wedding date of our client.

On the day of the wedding gig, I wore it with a black top which I have.  It was a nice top with beads accent at the waist line.  I didn’t expect it to come out as a fashion hit!  Below is what I wore 🙂  What do you think about it?


See-through Maxi Skirt w/ inside Mini Skirt