Month: January 2018

Product Review: Wangskin Lip Tattoo Pens

Some time Jan. 13 my Charis Celeb package arrived.  This was my very first Try Me product to test and review and to my delight I was so happy I made the right choice of which product to request.  Upon opening the package, I was so surprised of the size of the tubes I got for sampling.  It was kind of like the actual product size.  Oh! maybe it was already indeed the actual size.  That was so generous!

PRESENTING!  The Wangskin Lip Tattoo Pen


This is the first time I ever tried on a lip tattoo, and really had no expectations.  Following the instructions written on the box, which is quite easy, I felt some weirdness on the lips upon applying it on, as I’m not that used to the product yet.  In terms of color and shade, I find that it has quite a rich shade even as the tint dries up.

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After 20mins, I was excited to see how it was gonna look like once I peel off the sort of plaster on my lips.  To my surprise, the result I was anticipating  for was reached!  The shade was just right for me, it blended well on my skin color.  It was one of the few reds that I favor since I am more of the nude to mauve shade kind of gal when it comes to lipsticks.  So immediately I posted my result and got some inquiries right away!


What I love about this product?

  • Color or shade
  • Size of the tube and amount product content
  • Easy peel-off
  • Long wearing

If you want to avail of this product straight from Korea, here is the link to my Charis Celeb Shop:

Miss R’s Picks

Hope you’ll like this product as I do.


Smile always!

Miss R



One Glam Day

Last January 21, 2018 was one of the most exciting days of my 2018 so far. For the first time, I was able to attend my first blogger event, and this was the Glamcon MNL 2018! The moment I got the information about this event from a blogger friend, I didn’t waste any moment to prepare for this day. On Jan. 21, I excitedly got my stuff together – camera, powerbank, cellphones, kikay kits, jacket, and went to the venue. To be honest, I didn’t know exactly how I’m going to blog/vlog this event coz I was just very excited to experience the event, especially meeting make-up gurus, whom I spend so much time watching on Youtube.

Upon arriving at SMX Convention Center at SM Aura, I immediately went to the Media/Blogger registration area and got my name checked. Though to my surprise, I saw my name already had a check mark, but the registration guy simply put another check mark beside it, and quickly informed me that I was upgraded to the next ticket level since I made the “first 100” attendees. Yehey!!! That’s a first for me hehehe. So, from Glamderella I got the Gliteratti ticket, which entitled me to a Glamcon MNL 2018 T-shirt aside from the loot bag. What’s in the bag? There’s a Sip mineral water bottle (which I quickly finished and wasn’t able to take photo of), iWhite BB Cream sachets, and a Salon Vitales vouvher for a rebond + keratin blowout package for only Php 1,500.00.


All the items I got from the Glamcon MNL 2018: loot bag items, freebies, and discounted treats.


I asked manong guard to take a photo of me coz I was alone at this time.


Walang chance mag OOTD pose.


As I entered the hall and found very interesting booths. There was a booth selling makeup mirrors with light bulbs, makeup artists bags and makeup pouches. Then there was a makeover booth wherein you can get a free makeover and get instantly glammed up. There was also a photo/studio booth where you could get a free photo of your glammed-up self. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to line up there anymore because the day officially started as Miss Say Tioco officially welcomed and opened the event. I hurriedly went to the #GlamGala area and sat to listen to the first guest speaker – Miss Ana Victorino.


Super happy to see Miss Say Tioco!!!

Miss Ana Victorino discussed some make-up 101 essentials, which started with skin care, then the makeup tools, and ended her session with a 5min make-up challenge. After that there was a sort of a game where she asked questions about what she discussed and gave away some fab prizes. I was lucky to answer one question and got these prizes: a cosmetic and brush sanitizer and a Sooper Beaute Tinte fluid foundation.


Then I went around some more to check out the other booths and then went to get lunch. Before leaving the hall for lunch, I couldn’t help but stop by the Pink Sugar booth to check out their lipsticks and eventually got myself some.

–lunch break–

At this point I missed the talk of Miss Jessica Godinez about daily skincare routine, and Miss Raiza Contawi’s talk on matching one’s make-up and outfit.

Here are the booths inside the Glamcon MNL 2018 Hall:

Naruko, Miss Bella, Pink Sugar, Paprika, iWhite, Biore, Liese, Skincare Curator, Unlock the DIVA, Ciracle.

When I came back from my lunch, I immediately went to the #GlamGala area again and stayed there until the most anticipated session ended. So, after lunch was this talk about “Beauty On Our Terms”, and part of the panelists/guests were Venur Raj, Joyce Pring, Abby Assistio, and Julianne Tarroja who all shared their pieces about how we should come up with our own terms of what is beautiful. This panel discussion was moderated by Danah and Stacy of


After this was a short demonstration by Leo Posadas on how one could properly do one’s eyebrows.  Shortly after was a very lively and fun discussion on men’s care with Micah Muñoz, Ronan Domingo, James Burn and Michael Burtscher.


Then after was Ning Tadena’s empowering talk on how we can each unlock the DIVA within us, channeling our pain to positive outcome making us better versions of ourselves.


After that was a serenade of from Bea Lorenzo, and soon was my most-awaited session where celebrated make-up gurus share how make-up each made an impact on to their lives. A take home lesson I got from each of them is that if I were planning to follow any of their footsteps, I better start now and don’t compare myself to others, as they did when each of them were starting.

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Here’s a sneak peek of my fangirl day at Glamcon MNL 2018:

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Mission accomplished as I got photos with the people who I follow on various social media platforms.  Moral lesson and note to self:  don’t go alone when attending events, someone else should take your photos! hahaha!

Hope you enjoy my sharing with you.

Smile always!

Miss R

GLAM CON Manila 2018

For all yah girls who want to know anything and everything about make-up, January 21, 2018 is the date for you!!!


The Glamcon MNL community celebrates beauty made even better through the power of makeup.  Makeup and beauty enthusiasts are all invited to attend the biggest beauty party of 2018, Glamcon MNL 2018 to be held at the SMX Convention Center Aura on January 21, 2018.


We all know that beauty is found within, but a little lipstick and a swipe of mascara never hurt anyone!

Despite the many advances of society, wearing makeup remain as something a person turns to when trying to hide their imperfections. Though this is a big part of the reason why people wear makeup, we must also remember that makeup is used to bring out our best assets!

Glamcon MNL believes that there is no shame in putting on makeup. It is an art and a form of expression of one’s creativity. Anyone rocking a sharp wing liner or a natural looking drunk blush is just as beautiful as their barefaced self.

Moreover, Glamcon MNL wants to remind every Filipina —and Filipino, that there are no rules in wearing makeup, so feel free to explore and experiment with colors, shapes, and contour shades.

It does not matter whether you prefer a no-makeup makeup look or a full-on glam wear your look loud and proud!

The Makeup Lounge

Styluxe Salon and Paintbox Artistry have partnered with Glamcon MNL 2018 to give premium ticket holders a real treat: free hair and makeup makeover! Our premium makeup lounge is a haven of transformation for Queen and Diva ticket holders, Glamcon goers who want to look their best at Manila’s biggest beauty party!
The #GlamGala Stage

Aside from the opportunity to interact with the biggest and brightest stars of the beauty industry, Glamcon goers are in for a treat all thanks to the makeup gurus strut their stuff on the Glam Gala stage!

  • Learn about building your very own makeup kit from Ana Victorino in her Makeup 101 talk.
  • Jessica Godinez, together with Ciracle will be making sure that Glamcon goers know how to take good care of their skin during the Daily Skincare Routine segment.
  • Raiza Contawi will be combining fashion and makeup as she teaches us how to use makeup to complement our clothes in the Color Wheel segment.
  • Micah Munoz, Ronan Domingo, James Burn and a few more of our favorite boy friends, together with Cosrx, are going to lead the Men’s Skincare segment.
  • Stacy and Dana Guttierez will show us that beauty knows no shape or size during their panel talk, Beauty on Our Terms.
  • Ning Tadena will be teaching Glamcon goers life hacks into becoming the best they can in Mindset Makeover: Unlock the Diva.
  • Isha Borromeo, Joyce Sola, Bing Castro, Kristine Roces, Kris Lumagui, and Nina Rayos will be leading the Power of Makeup panel talk.

Host Say Tioco will make sure that the fun never stops through games in between each segment.

Riot Logic, Bea Lorenzo, Leanne and Naara, Coeli, Haru and Ysanygo will also be present to serenade Glamcon goers.


Glamcon goers are set to learn from the best as the Glam Gurus teach them some of their very own tips and tricks in glamming it up with makeup. The #GlamSchool is specially created to serve as a one-day makeup boot camp for everyone who wants to amp up their makeup game.

Ning Tadena will be showing everyone how to achieve that natural looking no-makeup look every girl needs to learn in the Bare Necessities segment.

Experience the magic of contour and highlight with Paintbox Artistry at the Makeup Plus segment.

Show off your proud morena skin in the Bronzed Babe tutorial with Paprika Cosmetics.

Learn all the eye makeup essentials from brows, to eyeliner, to blending your eyeshadow in the All About Eyes segment with Michelle Dy.

Stand out from the crowd with Hollywood Starlet makeup tutorial again with Paintbox Artistry. Show of your sexy side with the Valentine Vixen tutorial and strut your glam self with the Boss Lady tutorial to be led by Anne Clutz.

Did anyone say makeup and beauty goodies?

Glamcon MNL 2018 goers won’t be leaving the gathering empty handed as leading makeup, skin, hair, and nail care brands join Manila’s biggest beauty party.

Get top-notch makeovers from Styluxe Salon & Makeup Studio. Add more colors to your look with Paprika Cosmetics’ beautiful eye shadows. Salon Vitales hair and makeup experts are going to make sure everyone is looking glam. While local skin care brand iWhite is sure to bring the best skincare products for the beautiful Filipina skin.

EssLiv will make sure that Glamcon MNL goers get only the best skincare products by bringing one of Korea’s top skin care brand, Ciracle. Makeup Revolution will also make sure that our makeup looks are a hundred percent on point.

VMV Hypoallergenics is going to bring high-quality skincare products for all skin types. Meanwhile, the Skincare Curator will be bringing Cosrx and Neogen to the (makeup) table.

Colourette Cosmetics will be showering participants with their fabulous lipstick shades.

Inglot will also be making sure that attendees go home with something that would make them look on point on other special days after Glamcon.

This is a day full and overflowing of treats, skills sharing and beauty!  All things pretty in one day, yey!!!

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My Goals for 2018

Today I wrote down my list of goals for this year.  I started doing this since 2012 when I was so down, depressed and lost.  I did it after reading this book about happiness by Andrew Matthews.  I can’t remember which one already, sorry guys, but he’s got some insights that helped me get on with my life smiling.


Last year’s list

It’s like a new year’s resolution list, but it’s different in such a way that I can add up new goals anytime within the time frame, like if something happens or things and stuff changes like something may not be attainable anymore.  It also does not need to start on the beginning of the year, like in my case now.  If you want to make yours, you can start it anytime you want as long as it starts the moment you write down and finish your list.  You can start any month you want, just set the time frame to short term and long term.

So, what is it?  It is simply a list of goals and wants, which I try to accomplish, attain or acquire in a year’s time, then 3 years, then 5 years.  Then every now and then I check and tick-off my progress.  Then after a year I check and evaluate myself like how many and which ones of my goals were achieved.  Then I ask myself how do I feel about it.  If a goal is something that I really want, but failed to achieve due to whatever reason or excuse, I write it down and include it again onto the following year’s list until I am able to achieve, cross and tick it off the list.  As for me, I noticed that my list gets shorter and shorter throughout the years.  So then I add goals which I think challenges me on top of just getting tangible things.  There is also a list for what I hope my entire family would achieve and do within a year, or 3 years or 5 years.

The goals could be material stuff like update my wardrobe or upgrade gadgets; or certain tasks like food trip once a week/month; or traits and characteristics I intend to change or improve on like be more focused or assertive, etc…  It is always better to go over 30 items or goals for each time frame.  The goals could be minor or major, simple or grand.  You’ll never know if a simple task or thing could bring you so much delight and joy.   It is sort of like making my personal KPIs or Key Performance Indicators, which will then help me evaluate my happiness.  This, I agree with the book, is our ultimate motivation in life anyway.

So good luck to me and if you started writing yours, good luck to you too and have fun!

Smile always!