Month: May 2014

Back to Full-Time Work

Being a mother is already a full-time job.  Nobody will contest me.  But sometimes even if you just want to stay at home and be with your kids 24/7, there will come a time that you will want to give more to your children than just your time.  You’ll want to give them nicer clothes for every occasion, healthy food, toys, books, gadgets, etc… The list could go on and on, but with the current economic trend, you cannot just have one parent providing for those stuff.  Of course you’ve got to help, and being a mother you just have this innate desire to go out there and get it for your love ones by all means possible.  Working from home didn’t do the trick for me.  Maybe I’m just not one of those who’ve been successful doing it.  So I’ve got to go out there.

It has been a firm decision that I would go back to working full-time since last year after my daughter turned 1, but somehow something just gets in the way of putting that decision into action.  Then finally when we faced this dreadful situation when all 3 of our kids were hospitalized due to measles, that’s when I said “no, no more delays”.  So the soonest I’ve got all of them fully recovered, I started sending my resume to every company I could come across with, from Jobstreet to JobsDB to LinkedIn.  I went to all scheduled interviews most of them I tried to set on days when my husband is off from work because there’s no one to leave our kids with since we didn’t have any yaya.

Then after 4 months, I signed up for a job a million girls would NOT kill for.  I took it anyway because it’s with one of the strongest companies in the advertising industry.  The position?  It’s a junior level job.  Again, I took it anyway because I feel that I’m going to have to restart my career and with doing so it should be with a strong company.  I believe I am in the right place now.  It maybe unlikely but what I’ve got now is a chance – a chance to rebuild whatever was broken, to gather whatever was scattered, and to make something new in my life.  So I thank all the powers in the world beyond mine.  I am forever grateful to the people who have helped me along the way,especially during the times when I was out of control and was such a mess.  I thank the people who have understood whatever I was going through the past few years.  I thank the people who endured my “kakulitan” and “kalokohan” ways, believe me, I never thought I’d go through something like that that’s why my reaction is like that.  I think I was tested.  To the people who have caused me so much pain and misery, well I guess that’s who they really were.  Whatever they’ve done is their purpose in life, so “bahala na si Lord sa inyo”.

So now being back to a full-time corporate job I really don’t know what lies ahead of me.  I humbly raise all my concerns and troubles to God.  After all, I said before that He is my rock, I shall not fall.  I am currently training for something that my 35-year old mind is really being challenged to absorb.  I hope that what I have envisioned myself to during my younger years is something I will be able to do and accomplish now since I am already complete and have reached the true essence of being a woman.  Now, life begins to continue. Good luck to me.  I know I am never alone.