Month: July 2013


I was just so happy when I checked out “Stuff In Style” Instagram and Facebook accounts, chose the item I want, and settled payment because the package arrived the following day!  Honestly, I didn’t expect it to arrive that soon since my payment pushed through late in the afternoon and delivery usually takes 1-3 days.  And so you can just imagine my delight when I received the package.

What did I buy?  It’s URBAN DECAY’s BASICS eye shadow palette.  Why I bought it?  Hmmm, let’s say being a stay home mom got me a little bored 🙂  And I was just too weak to resist URBAN DECAY and the ease of buying online.

Without further ado, I opened the most awaited package…


Opening the package

Of course I wasn’t able to contain my excitement that I immediately used it and tried it out.  Having nude shades, I opted to go for a make-up look that is suitable for daytime or when you will go to office or a corporate meeting.  I used a very light coverage foundation, as my skin is not really used to foundations.  I also didn’t have concealer here as I’m not really a big fan of it 🙂  Forgive my eyes’ puffiness for I sleep really late.  I believe no concealer can do the trick here hahaha!  For finish, I put a very light pink shade lipstick from Maybelline.




So, what’s my verdict of the eye shadow palette?  FABULOUS!!!  It blends really well, although on me, the shades became a bit darker when applied.  Happy that it gave my money’s worth 🙂

What do you think?  Share your thoughts 🙂

Smile always!



The One in a Million Times I’m Fashionable


I just wanna share what I wore during my most recent make-up gig at a client’s wedding (Dada and Jay’s July wedding).  The story of this outfit is quite simple.  After our pre-nup shoot for the said client, my friend/partner Lucky and I went to Shangri-la Plaza Mall to supposedly meet up my husband.  We were to watch Pacific Rim with his brother, but when I got to the mall, I received a message from his saying the movie date is cancelled because he’s got a fever.

So my friend and I just texted another friend, who to our surprise, happened to be in the same mall with his other friends.  And so we met him and went for a short shopping, burning the fruit of our labor (we were luckily paid in advance by our client).

While inside “The Ramp” mall, I saw this black skirt and instantly fell in love with it.  I automatically asked the friend we met since he is a fashion stylist.  I was having second thought buying it because I was unsure if I could pull it off.  Dear stylist friend convinced me otherwise and suggested that I could wear it to the wedding date of our client.

On the day of the wedding gig, I wore it with a black top which I have.  It was a nice top with beads accent at the waist line.  I didn’t expect it to come out as a fashion hit!  Below is what I wore 🙂  What do you think about it?


See-through Maxi Skirt w/ inside Mini Skirt

Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded Go-see Outfit



Here is what I wore and looked like when I went to the first go-see event to last June 29,2013.  It was the MEGA Magazine Fashion Crew Reloaded go-see for aspiring models, stylists, HMUA’s and photographers.  Details of this look on my Lookbook account:  HYPE IT and FOLLOW ME PLEASE! 🙂

That was the first ever go-see I attended and the first contest I ever joined.  The experience was indescribable!  I was tensed, excite, anxious, nervous all at the same time.  Though I didn’t expect to go pass through the 2nd screening, I was thankful all the same for knowing that other people find my work amazing.  Well, I was kinda expecting to get cut after the 2nd screening after realizing that I had an erroneous answer during the panel interview.  That I realized the day after the go-see.  Oh well, it’s not for me this time.  Good thing is that I had a taste of how competitions like that go.

The evaluation on me was that I am a raw talent with so much potential in terms of hairstyling and make-up.  So from now on, it’ll be gearing up for stuff like that.

Smile always!