Month: January 2013

Simple Look for My 34th Birthday

Simple Look for My 34th Birthday

Simple make-up for my birthday.

I turned 34 Today


Happy birthday to me!

January 31st is my favorite day in the world!  I turned 34 today and I spent the day trying to relax myself of all the sadness and stress.  Fortunately it went fine, until around early evening when I desperately tried to race with time to hear mass, which I frustratingly missed anyway.  To compensate, I just went to the Adoration Chapel and offered a sincere prayer.  Here is a glimpse of the simple celebration we had at home.


Make a wish and blow the candles


Lighting the candles again…


Simple celebration on my 34th birthday.


Russel’s turn to blow the candle.


Rafa’s turn to blow the candles.


Thank God for another blessing of life.