Month: April 2012

Lack of Sleep

Sorry. I know I said that this would be a daily blog of my progress, but a lot has happened the past few weeks and I got a bit busy, some times lazy, to make/share updates. I wasn’t also able to track and take note of my eating habit, but I still make it a point to constantly hydrate my self with water. So drinking water has been instilled in me, whoohoo!

So today, Day 20, I am still at 80lbs. This is harder than I thought. What has been my stuggle aside from food intake is rest. There were sleepless and late nights doing research of iphone apps and trying to organize my online existence.

Aside from eating well and drinking the much needed H2O, sleep is of equal importance too. According to studies and what has been told and taught by experts, one need to have atleast 8hrs of sleep everyday. This is to give the body enough time to recuperate from a day’s busy activities. It also gives the body time to restore to it’s natural, unpressured and unstressed state. This is also another area where I think I will have a little bit of difficulty. Somehow I just can’t move forward if there is a task to do and complete. I tend to sacrifice sleeping time just to get something done. There are also times when a good movie or tv series is on and I just can’t pause without finishing it. There are also times when working late at home gets me more in a focused mood because it’s more peaceful and quiet at night since everyone is sleeping.



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Simple Afternoon Delight

Enjoying a 2-layer peanut butter sandwich and cold water in my aqua flask.  Sorry for the lack of spread.  I just emptied the peanut butter jar that’s why I have a very thin spread here.  Good thing I manage to have a second layer 🙂

My Aqua Flask

Since I’m not much of a water drinker, which is not a good thing, I took it upon myself to make sure that I drink the required amount of water everyday. I thought of getting this flask so I will have water in my work bag everyday, everywhere I go. I wouldn’t have any excuse this time right? So there you go, just the right size for me. I’ll upgrade to a bigger bottle next time. Gulp, gulp, gulp!