Month: April 2012

Lack of Sleep

Sorry. I know I said that this would be a daily blog of my progress, but a lot has happened the past few weeks and I got a bit busy, some times lazy, to make/share updates. I wasn’t also able to track and take note of my eating habit, but I still make it a point to constantly hydrate my self with water. So drinking water has been instilled in me, whoohoo!

So today, Day 20, I am still at 80lbs. This is harder than I thought. What has been my stuggle aside from food intake is rest. There were sleepless and late nights doing research of iphone apps and trying to organize my online existence.

Aside from eating well and drinking the much needed H2O, sleep is of equal importance too. According to studies and what has been told and taught by experts, one need to have atleast 8hrs of sleep everyday. This is to give the body enough time to recuperate from a day’s busy activities. It also gives the body time to restore to it’s natural, unpressured and unstressed state. This is also another area where I think I will have a little bit of difficulty. Somehow I just can’t move forward if there is a task to do and complete. I tend to sacrifice sleeping time just to get something done. There are also times when a good movie or tv series is on and I just can’t pause without finishing it. There are also times when working late at home gets me more in a focused mood because it’s more peaceful and quiet at night since everyone is sleeping.


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Simple Afternoon Delight

Enjoying a 2-layer peanut butter sandwich and cold water in my aqua flask.  Sorry for the lack of spread.  I just emptied the peanut butter jar that’s why I have a very thin spread here.  Good thing I manage to have a second layer 🙂

My Aqua Flask

Since I’m not much of a water drinker, which is not a good thing, I took it upon myself to make sure that I drink the required amount of water everyday. I thought of getting this flask so I will have water in my work bag everyday, everywhere I go. I wouldn’t have any excuse this time right? So there you go, just the right size for me. I’ll upgrade to a bigger bottle next time. Gulp, gulp, gulp!

Day 8 – Only a Pound gained

With day 8 in my project calendar it seems that I’ve only gain a pound. My recent food intake must still improve. Although I can say that I have improved on drinking water, still a lot effort must be taken in eating nutritious food. So at day 8, it is only 81lbs.

Day 1 – It Begins Today

April 3, 2012.  I am four months behind my plan to do my weight gain project.  The need to do this came from the fact that I have been under weight my almost entire  life.  So today, things are going to change.

At age 33, with the height of 4’11”, I am supposed to weigh somewhere between 90lbs – 100lbs, ideally.  So, what’s my weight now?  80lbs.  Not good!

Being a mother to a very playful and active boy, I need to put on some pounds in order for me to atleast be at par with my son or else I’m gonna die of over fatigue and stress.  So since I love my son and family, I’m gonna do this.  For the longest time I thought my physical built was okay since I don’t get ill that much.  But that’s until I started nurturing and taking care of my family.  All the aspect of family life and my demanding career took a toll on me that I started getting stress and restlessness related illnesses and pains.  So, I owe it to myself that I’m doing this, too.

Here are some photos.  That’s me two months after giving birth (in navy blue blouse).  This photo makes me miss my hair so much!!! 😦

And this is me today.  Gosh I really look tired and haggard!

Starting  my weight gain journey, I had purple kamote and a cup of coffee for breakfast.  I know it’s not really a good start with this kind of breakfast, but hey I don’t want to rush and shock my self and body.  I will do this gradually.  I had a check-up some two months ago, and was advised by my physician to drink more water, at the least a  liter or two, since my body is so dehydrated that it doesn’t absorb anything from the multivitamins that I was taking.  Since then this has been on my top To-do things.  So from now on, I’m making it a point that I drink more water than I used to.  Before, I could survive a day with only having taken a 12oz. cup of Coke.  That is no exaggeration, it’s a fact.  That’s not even water, right?  So no wonder I’d end up being dehydrated!  Sorry body, my mind was kinda preoccupied with a lot before.

An update, before I even started with this blog, I always make it a point to drink atleast about 500ml of water everyday.  I could say that in that department, I’ve already had some progress!

Looking forward to a better looking and feeling me! 😀

Hello World!

Hi welcome to my pages!

It has been a long over due plan to actually do my very own “weight gain” scheme and document it.  While everybody else is dying to lose some pounds, I am on the opposite end of the road.  I think I’ve been planning about this since last quarter of 2011.  It is only today that I will actually do it and make a realization out of this plan/dream.  Yes, it has been a dream of mine to reach a certain weight for I have been underweight all my life.  Last 2010, I got the chance of a lifetime to actually weigh an ideal 100lbs!  Ideal for my built and height.  I was ecstatic!  That happened only because I got pregnant 🙂  Unfortunately after giving birth, all the pounds flushed away and I got back to my old under weight status.  I got sad, really sad and frustrated then after.

And so after so much contemplation, this is finally going to happen.  I am, more than ever, determined to reach this goal.  Let’s set it this time.  100lbs by the end of April.  How is it gonna be done?  Everyday, I will do my best to log my daily progress.  As much as possible, though I am not anymore a photo-person, I’ll try to post photos of my progress.

So, this is it!  You are welcome to join me in this journey.

Read on!