Month: December 2011


I came across a statement of one celebrity radio dj and it goes like this, “why be in a relationship when you are incapable of being faithful? You are ruining the chance of the peron you are hurting being loved by someone else.”  Well, to that effect. I forgot the exact words.  I have to admit I have the same question I want to ask someone. What is that? Is that plain selfishness and greed?  Getting into a relationship witb someone and not being content with it and instead of working things out, you get solutions from another person by having a relationship with them as well.  What really is that?

Experiencing something like that myself, I discovered that I have a great deal of difficulty bouncing back and moving forward.  Knowing the emotional person that I am, this thing has become a huge boulder I carry on my shoulders.  A lot of people has coached me to fight out the negativity that the situation has brought me, but the thing is, I really cannot win over my hurt self. That is just it.  The hurt, the pain, is something I simply cannot just wash away with running water. It’s not.  This is something one doesn’t get trained for to deal with.  It would just happen.  And sometimes, it would just hit you right in our face.

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Beauty Secret

I have a really simple rule when it comes to beauty secrets. Hygiene.

I’ve read about them a lot… Almost every women’s magazine has a story about women having problems with staying beautiful or asking other women their beauty secrets. Mine, as I said, is really just simple – hygiene. For me, it’s not about the type or brand of cleanser or moisturizer, or foundation one uses, it’s about how one keeps a healthy and clean self. When you think about it, the root cause of skin problems boils down to two factors: dirt and stress. I’m not an expert here though, just a keen observer. It is really all about washing your face before going to bed and when you wake up; taking a bath everyday so you will feel fresh; and giving yourself enough sleep and rest to give your body time to rejuvinate and regain your natural glow. The world is full of harmful elements that contribute to factors which causes aging. Giving your face and body it’s frequent wash and bath would really do you wonders. But then again, this is just me. You can have your own style and secrets. I, myself also make use of those beauty enhancers out there, but I make it a point to keep myself clean, as much as I could.


Maybe it’s best not to talk to you anymore. It really breaks my heart to realize that you are not the person I thought you were – someone whom you have made me to believe in. I never thought that I would ever go through this kind of experience, but they say that it is the only way one could sharpen his/her wisdom. If I knew this is how painful it could get, I should not have ever bargained to be in your life. Yes, regrets. I’m regretting I ever said yes to you. I regret that I befriended you, you fake asshole! Yes, anger. I’m angry at you and at myself you won’t have any idea how much.

I want to deny myself of any affiliation I have with you. I don’t like you anymore… I don’t feel love for you anymore. I despise you! If I knew I would only become a monster because of you, I should not have talked to you. I should have looked right through you.

I am battling with myself, which I shouldn’t.