Month: October 2011

Sad Discovery

It’s just sad to know that now, more than any time in the world, I would realize that we were not meant to be. It’s just sad to know how much we’ve both wasted time, effort, and stories to try to be together, but has now become useless reasons and meaningless. I cannot help but cry and express my pain into tears for words cannot equate the exact emotions that I feel. I realized that I’ve made countless mistakes and wrong decisions just to put up and keep up with you. But I was wrong to even try.


Failed Cat’s Eyes Look

Came a bit early to work last Monday, Oct. 3, 2011 so I had an ample to play around with my kikay kit and experiment on a look.  Tried to come up with a cat’s eye look.  Application was a success, but the camera capture was a failure!  Forgot to bring my digicam so I had to settle with the built-in webcam.  Took several shots and experimented with the features and unfortunately, here is the best captured image 😦

Taken with built-in webcam

I will take another attempt soon…  Note to self: a digicam is an essential tool nowadays.