Month: September 2011

My Kikay Kit Jungle

Inside My Kikay Kit Jungle

After I have shared with you my official make-up kit for my gigs and experiments, today I’m going to show you my personal make-up kit.  I call it “My Kikay Kit Jungle” c”,)

It is an essential item inside my everyday work bag.  Whether I put make-up on or not, it is there.  Along with my cellphone, planner notebook, wallet, coin purse, pens case, small hair brush, keys, fan and three-fold umbrella, my kikay kit takes up the most space in the bag.

Though I try to keep a complete kit, the most commonly used items are just the gel blush, lip balm and face powder.  You will notice that I don’t have eyeliner and eyeshadow in my jungle.  Well, I just got them mixed up somewhere in my official make-up kit and forgot to put them back in my jungle, hehehe.

There are times when putting on my make-up is done inside the FX on the way to my office.  That’s
when I’m already running late, and traffic is inevitable.  When I get to the office and there is still some spare time, I’d try to wash-up and re-apply with foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick for a more defined look.  If there is an after office gimmick, I usually put on a little eyeshadow and line my eyes with dark eyeliner color.

Apart from the usual make-up essentials, I also have some dental care products, and some medicine since I easily get colds.  There are times when I’d put band-aid strips, mints, standby accessories in case I suddenly have minor accidents and fashion mishaps.

The animals of My Kikay Kit Jungle:  D&G Light Blue cologne, Fanny Serrano powder blush, Maybelline Watershine 
Pure lipsticks, Eye Mo eye wash, Myra E Shine Free face powder, Astring-O-Sol mouthwash, Oilatum bar soap, 
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua gel foundation, Strepsils, Cala eyelash curler, standby accessories, Maybelline 
Fruity Jelly lip gloss, few medicines for common colds, Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volume Express mascara, 
Blistex Lip Balm, Pepsodent travel toothpaste, travel toothbrush,  Nichido mini-scissors, and In2It gel blush.


Lipstick Week

What’s nice about make-up is that it masks your madness behind, but it depends on how you’d like to really look like.  For today, even though I am battling with a bad mood, I managed to put on my lips a little hint of color.  While waiting for the traffic to ease up along EDSA, I dabbed on my face some powder and quickly applied on lipstick.

What’s on my lips is Maybelline Watershine Pure #B22.  
Using my Canon IXUS 80IS, I took a shot.

Ever since I could appreciate make-up, I’ve noticed that when it comes to lipsticks, I favor shades of nude/naturals, soft pinks, plums, browns and coppers.  I love how simple yet neat one would look like with a touch of those hues.

I remember the first ever lipstick I had was a VMV Hypoallergenics’ in Soft Tan.  Too bad the shade is not available in the market now.  It gives a matte, naturally pink looking lips.  I wear it almost everyday coz it doesn’t look like wearing lipstick at all, plus I don’t end up looking pale.  Then from that single piece I started buying other brands.  My usual buys were from Maybelline, Revlon, L’Oreal, and then eventually  I tried on all the other brands.  I lost count already.  A bad habit of mine when it comes to make-up in general, sometimes I just buy them, try for a few days then just keep them stashed in my room or in my kikay pouch.