Month: May 2011

New Lipsticks from SOPHIE

Yesterday I ordered Sophie products from my sister.  I just tried it out coz I know Sophie is known for good quality bags, but browsing through their catalog, I found a few line of make-up products.  I initially bought Sophie Lipsticks in Fantastic Red and Mango Peach.  Also got the Koshize Lip Liner in Red.

So here I gave it a test.  Forgive my skin texture coz I wasn’t wearing any foundation.  Anyway, the focus is on my  lips 🙂  I tried the Fantastic Red Lipstick on top of the Red lip liner (with and without flash)


The Make-up Journey

Two months ago, I enrolled myself to a professional make-up class.  From being a clueless person to what I would say an aspiring make-up artist I turned myself to be.  Now the after getting a certification, I shall now continue on with this new found route to a journey that I hope would bring me to places.  Armed with a humble set of make-up tools and make-up products, I am confident that I’m up to a good start.  I just need to work on building my portfolio, which I hope I can do within the next few weeks.  Plus, I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with all the wonderful products out there.

My Comeback!

So now, after so much debate on whether to continue this or not, I have finally come to a decision to continue with this blog. After all, I now have all the time and means to help me out with this thing called blogging. I have other blogsites, but I think it will be nice to have separate accounts according to interests.

I’m excited coz now I know doing this will enhance my skills and other talents 🙂 So, good luck to me and to all of you out there, I hope you’ll read on 🙂