Month: May 2008

Personality Test Result

I’ve tried this personality test and the result describes me as…

Cute, fun, and sweet, you’re a Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and Meg Ryan all rolled into one – the Perfect Girl Next Door. Naturally pretty, unpretentious, and generous, you demand your share of respect, but you aren’t particularly high-maintenance. What’s your ideal date? Probably a blockbuster night – you don’t mind skipping an evening out of town if it means getting some old-fashioned snuggling on the sofa. Careful yet spontaneous, you’re a little bit of the Guy’s Girl and just a hint of the Hippie Chick. But you’ve got an appeal that’s all your own, which attracted to your strong values and traditional ways. Your winning smile, bright eyes, and loving nature will make anyone want to hold on tight and never let go.

Wow! That’s me? Grabe!!! 🙂