Month: March 2007

A Girl Like Me and Sports

I don’t know if it’s a good decision to be working for a company that sells ad spots and event sponsorships for a sports channel. For one, I’m the kind of girl who’s more into colors, fashion, style, beauty and art. I’d rather be tuning in to Tyra Banks’ TV show, or that of the Queer Eye guys than be on the look out for what’s the latest with golf, football, or motorsports on TV.

Today, I’ve specially dedicated my time to orient myself and get acquainted with the wide world of sports. I’ve tuned in to ESPN and Star Sports, checked on several sports sites on the web and scanned through the fliers given to me from the office. I thought of this effort for me to be able to understand my job well since this is practically a new field for me. It could have been easier if I went to work for fashion magazines. Oh well, what can I do? I’ve already started working and it’s been 3 weeks already. Might as well do what I can do and excel. Funny that for the many things I’ve read about different sports today, I can only say that I’ve grasped only 40% of learnings. For this kind of stuff, I think my memory is not cooperating well. I’m hopeful though that by the day I would be breathing in sports in my system. Gotta be effective for my job, right? So the learnings go on…


Skirts In The Office

Since in my line of work I have never been required to wear a specific dress code, I am now in a period of adjustment in the new office I work in. I’ll be doing the same type of job, only that I have to follow one specific rule – skirts on Mondays. Oh yes, for the longest time that I haven’t worn a skirt in my job, I have to comply now from this day on. The office has a policy that every woman has to be in skirts on Mondays.

Okay no problem with that. My built is skirt-friendly, so I’d look fine in a skirt. The real challenge is going to and from the office and to my clients. I am not blessed with good driving skills, hence I was not provided a car. So I have to deal with the whole commuting stuff. I could only imagine the worse of myself hailing for a cab; going to the nearest MRT station; riding a jeep and walking in a skirt! It is just so uncomfortable!!! Not to mention if it’s raining outside. There is a whole battle going on in giving justice to the skirt I’m wearing, which I have to carry with style and grace, while on my way to the offices of my clients.

Then of course there is the problem with the closet. My whole wardrobe only has pants, jeans, t-shirts, tailored shorts, etc and no skirts. But, I love this little problem coz that would mean I have to go shopping for skirts!!! Yehey!!! Bottomline, any problem that will involve shopping is no problem at all for me 🙂