Month: September 2006

my sign says

Quickie: The biggest brick wall is no real obstacle today; give it a poke and it’ll crumble.

Overview: No wonder everything is such a blur — you’ve been moving so quickly. It’s time to chew your food, rather than gulping it whole. Be calm and focused and perform actions mindfully, and you won’t feel at the mercy of the fates.

Daily work (by creative energy is strong right now, and you should be able to hit on a few cool new ideas that will keep things moving forward rapidly. Talk them up as soon as they come to you.

Daily extended (by most solid-looking brick wall is not a real obstacle today — step closer and give it a little poke. Chances are, it will instantly crumble at your feet. Any person who is causing stress or putting pressure on you right now is similar to that brick wall … so stand up straight and don’t be intimidated. You should match them word for word and call their bluff. In an instant, you can turn everything around and find yourself in a very powerful position.