My FS Cosmetics Collection, Finally!

So finally I got a chance to have a semi-complete collection of FS Cosmetics (Features and Shades) make-up.  Naturally, what a make-up enthusiast like me is going to do is try everything out, so here is my first ever make-up haul ( I hope for more to come soon, hehe) and a make-up practice because, well I’m getting rusty in the craft, you know! 🙂  But, #LoveYourBeauty ika nga ni FS Cosmetics, right girls?! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

FS Cosmetics Make-up Haul:


And here is the practice…


And here is my finished product!  Excuse my eye-maletas 🙂


While doing and editing these videos, I’ve discovered about fast-forwarding some clips, which has now inspired me to do more videos because now I can shorted them for faster uploads!  hehehe!  Cheers to more videos soon!


Smile always!

Miss R



Improvements In My Photos

After that pre-nup photoshoot I did some weeks ago, I decided to make a few adjustments with my digital camera.  I must admit, I was too lazy to read about photography 101.  I have worked as a digital marketer for about 5 years, which could be a bit technical too, when it comes to online advertising, so I don’t want to go technical in taking photos anymore.  Give me a break, choz!!!

So I took my digital camera again and did a few adjustments in exposure, zoom, etc…  I finally gave in to rotating the camera setting from automatic to manual, and randomly clicked on the button and shot away…

Here are my photos grouped into galleries of photos with no effects, and photos with a little bit of effect, somehow, hahaha!

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Some photos with a little bit of effect and drama 🙂

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So, did I have some improvements? I hope so.  Please do not ask me anymore about what adjustments I made because I cannot remember what I have done.  I cannot go into technical details anymore, whether I like it or not, hehehe.

Next time there will more better photos, especially those of my clients.

Smile always!!!


Photography Awakening Kuno…

I have long accepted that I am a terrible photographer.  I love taking photos but the outcomes are blaah, blaah, blaah…

Ang papangit ng mga kuha ko sa pictures ko sa Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  Minsan nakaka-chamba pero madalas mukhang ewan, hehehe.  Maski anong gadget pa ang gamitin ko, sasablay at sasablay ang picture sakin.  Kaya walang silbe sa akin ang mag-upgrade nang mag-upgrade ng cellphone or camera dahil wala namang magiging tulong ang mga yon.  Walang ka-art art at hindi masasabing photographic ang mga pictures na nakukunan ko.  Sabi nga ng ilan, innate talent ang photography, and wala sakin yon.

Ngunit kamakailan (naks lalim!) lang ay namulat ako sa kagandahan ng isang lugar sa Tanay, Rizal.  I did the hairstyling and make-up of a couple for their pre-nup photoshoot at Siera Madre Mountain Resort-Hotel in Tanay, Rizal.  The resort’s facilities are not 5 -star quality… not even 3 star, but the views that they have… satisfying.  Especially if you are a person who loves to see trees and mountains, you will enjoy staying in this resort/hotel.  And if a break from the hustle of the busy city is what you seek, this place delivers that as it is difficult to get a cellphone signal in their area.

A lot of people go here to have their debut or pre-nup photoshoots.  When I say a lot, I mean A LOT.  As in madaming tao!  And because I’m not really a photographer at heart, I failed to get a photo taken at their front gate!  Ano ba namang klaseng blogger yan, diba?

Anyway, I hope you get to see the beauty of the place as I did through my photos…  Again, I don’t have the skills and talent to take great photos, so my camera was set on automatic settings, hehehe.

Inside Siera Madre Mountain Resort-Hotel:

096 (2)

I dont know how far I was from Manong, but this was 30x zoom in my camera from where I was.

Ako’y tumingala habang nakatingin sa eye piece ng aking camera, then click, click! 096




The mandatory shot… without the resort’s logo!!! #fail


Of course I had to take a selfie photo 🙂  This is near the entrance of the hanging bridge.

Here are some attractions…


A roof deck sort of area where there were a couple of tables where you can eat your meals.


Hanging bridge… where in take turns yung mga nagpapa-photoshoot 🙂  Bigayan lang talaga.



Some Grecian statues.  There’s a covered multi-purpose hall under that red roof.


One of their parking areas…


Swimming pool area.  View from our rented room (2nd floor)


For our final shots, we went out of the resort and the next following shots were taken a few minutes out of the resort…




If you are going to ask, Yes, it was really cold and windy out here.


The rest of the team trying to get that “middle-of-the-road” shot.


It’s all about timing… Yes!  Walang dumadaang sasakyan!!!  Tara sa gitna!!!!


There’s the couple! And I’m on the other side of the road. 


I honestly don’t know how far I was again.

There you have it… more camera experiments and discoveries next time.


Smile always!






Smiles, Poses, Photoshoot

Here’s a behind-the-scenes sort of shots from last weekend’s mini-project.  Moral lesson:  put some make-up on especially when on make-up gigs!!!

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