First Product Review for 2019

Today I finally finished filming, uploading and sharing my first product review for this year 2019!  Exciting!  I hope I get to do more of this product reviewing this year.  Can’t believe it took me the entire day to produce and launch this content for my Youtube channel.  Yes, I do have a Youtube channel like almost everyone already, hehe.

Moving onto my product review, I must be honest and say that I got a little bit disappointed with the product – the WithMe Signal Velvet Lip Master.  The shade that I got is 03 Mood Signal.  It didn’t last long on my lips, though the box says that it lasts a long time.

My first try of it was last Jan 3 in the morning, wore the shade until after work, which finished around 10PM.  So after eating dinner, it was almost totally gone.  Then I tried to apply it again on Jan 5, in the hope that maybe it will last longer this time.  It didn’t.  After finishing filming for this review, I ate a pear and it’s almost got wiped out.

Anyway, watch my simple review here!


I really liked the color/shade, though and how the product felt on my lips.  Very lightweight and not drying.  It’s really matte.

How about you?  Have you tried any lipsticks from WithMe?  Share your experience, too! 🙂

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Smile always,




Aquaman PH Fan Event

I would have to say a very special thanks to a dear friend of mine – Ian Cruz of Pinoy Batman Kolektors for giving me the chance to witness this awesome event.  This is my first ever Holywood movie event, and also my first with DC Comics.  I hope to have more of this kind of events in 2019.

Anyway, without much ado, below are some photos my not so great photography skills have taken.  I also did a vlog about this event/experience over my Youtube channel, which I hope you could also watch 🙂  Enjoy as much as I did!!!


Here is my vlog of this event:


OH wait, there’s more…  I also got to do this in the video booth they had at the venue hall…


Smile always!



Coffee Project Experience

Last August we celebrated my father’s birthday in All Home along C5 Extn, Las Pinas City.  After a “pwede na” paluto lunch, we headed to Coffee Project, just beside it, for a quick coffee treat.

I’ve always been curious to go to Coffee Project since I’ve been seeing new branches sprouting in many places now.  From the outside you will see an interesting facade as it looks more of a fancy restaurant than the usual coffee shop.

Here is a quick vlog about our visit there.  In terms of food, well I’m not a foodie so my reaction and verdict to their food and coffee offerings is very basic – masarap naman 🙂  Although for the coffee jelly drink that I ordered, medyo bitin sa jelly 🙂

If only I could afford and eat a slice of all those cakes!!

Smile always!

Miss R



727 Cosmetics PH Workshop Experience

Last August 31, I attended a make-up workshop organized by 727 Cosmetics Philippines.  The brand being one of Japan’s luxury brands put together a workshop for make-up artists and enthusiasts that discussed about skincare, make-up, and vlogging basics.  Also, there were demonstrations on different make-up looks like bridal, celebrity and glam looks from some of the known make-up artists in the industry.

I learned a great deal of tips, tricks and hacks from established make-up artists in the entertainment and cosmetic industry, as well as knowing how to work some of the best products of 727 Cosmetics on different looks and occasions.

For an aspiring artist like me, knowing the basics and a few hacks doesn’t stop from your first ever make-up class.  It’s a continuing process of leveling up even until you’ve reached an expert level.  In beauty and make-up, this desire to continue learning should never stop.  The amount of gratitude towards one’s mentor or mentors is priceless, and that in itself is TREASURE.

The learning and practice didn’t stop from that day alone.  We were assigned to do different looks on a model or ourselves to apply what we have picked-up from the workshop.  This task pushed me to practice putting make-up on myself and be comfortable with it.  Also that I needed to be my own model, photographer and stylist, hehehe.

The 727 Cosmetics products I played around with on all my looks are…

727 Facial Clean Cream

727 Point Makeup Cheek Blush (COR2)

727 ELIP+ Liquid Lipstick (RD02 – glossy)

727 Spots Cover (Shade #2)

727 Products

Sharing with you below are my works:



Our final task was to come up with a 3-minute tutorial-like video showcasing how we use the products we have from 727 Cosmetics.  My experience with this task was quite funny, because I filmed for an entire day, did my voice over for another day, and had to compress the whole process into a 3-minute video.  Girl, that was real hard work!!!

Here is my video, hope you’ll like it. 🙂


I have to say thanks (and I love you!) to Miss Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) and her glam team (@robzangardi@marielwashere @scottbarnes68@hairbylorenzomartin @tombachik@elsahair @balmain @olivier_rousteing@tiffanyandco @inglot_cosmetics@jlobeauty) for the make-up inspiration I had for this video.  I hope I did you justice 🙂  Your work inspires people like me in more ways than you could imagine.  All of you are such great people!!!

So, there!  Will be working more on my make-up, posing, editing, lighting, audio, styling…hey, that’s practically everythang, girrrr!!!  Hahaha!!!  Life is beautiful!

Smile always!!!